Press release about misuse of the "Mahdi" Discourse

The Valuable Members of our Visual, auditory, and written press,

Based on the news and comments in our press that led to misunderstandings, Some discourses and actions that have been turned into a smear campaign against ASSAM "The Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center"  and SADAT "International Defense Consultancy" that I was the FOUNDER, it creates again an intense agenda in our press.

ASSAM "The Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center" is a Civil Society Organization that was founded to offer a ISLAMIC UNION MODEL for directors, to gather Islamic countries under one will by establishment the required institutions and studying the necessary legislation for these institutions.


19-20 ARALIK


45 Ülkeden (ABD, Afganistan, Azerbaycan, Bangladeş, Bosna Hersek, Burkina Faso, Fildişi Sahili, Filistin, Çad, Gana, Gambiya, Güney Afrika, Hindistan, İspanya, Irak, Kazakistan, Keşmir, Kiribati, Kırgızistan, Libya, Malezya, Mısır, Moritanya, Nijer, Nijerya, Moğolistan, Özbekistan, Pakistan, Romanya, Rusya, Senegal, Siera Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriye, Suudi Arabistan, Somali, Tanzanya, Tayland, Togo, Uganda, Ukrayna, Umman, Yemen ve Zimbabwe) temsilciler katılmıştır. 3. Uluslararası ASSAM İslâm Birliği Kongresine

KONGRE ASSAM “Adaleti savunanlar Stratejik Araştırmalar Merkezi Derneği”nin Organizasyonu, Üsküdar ve Dumlupınar Üniversiteleri, İDSB “İslam Dünyası Sivil Toplum Kuruluşları Birliği” ve ASDER “Adaleti savunanlar Derneği”nin iştiraki;

THY, MKEK ASELSAN, TAİ, HAVELSAN, EMİN EVİM, MOR YAPIM, EKOL GÜVENLİK, AKİT TV, SADAT ve SAVUNMA SANAYİ DERGİLİK, Bursa Büyükşehir, Bahçelievler, Beyoğlu, Esenler, Sancaktepe ve Sultangazi Belediyeleri, EMİNEVİM ve EKOL Güvenlik Şirketinin desteği ile yapılmıştır.

In the article written by Mr. Orhan UĞUROĞLU and published in Yeniçağ newspaper on 12.08.2019;

“Is the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of National Defense are also privatized?

 be privatized ....

Private schools from primary school to university have been built, education has been privatized ... As for the remaining public schools, get the points if you can, if you cannot get them, come on Imam Hatip…

The Ministry of National Defense also the Military privatized ...

Give the money, get an evacuation

The tank pallet factory was also privatized by giving it to the partnership of Qatar army,

A Special Armed Army SADAT was also established to the presidential chief advisor, Adnan Tanrıverdi

It begins in the form and continues with the criticisms to the privatized public activities.

Dear UĞUROĞLU in his article, defined that private schools, which are opened within the framework of the state curriculum, under the state control and even minimum physical conditions in an environment drawn by the state as a privatization of education. 

The interview with Mr. Melih TANRIVERDİ Chairman of the Board Directors of SADAT Company, which is the first and unique of its kind in the field of military consultancy and training outside of our country that is the protector for the geopolitical and geostrategic geography; at the same time, it is the company that carries out its works in coordination with the official foreign policy of the Turkish Republic in addition to it is going over its way to be the pearl and pride for its country in the near future.

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