The Pentagon is on the line against SADAT

The Pentagon is on the line against SADAT

When the false news about SADAT International Defense Consulting Inc. Failed to reach its goal in the internal media, the Pentagon officials did not see any harm in making defamation by directly stepping in.[i]

It is written and drawn that there will be a massacre in Turkey and that members of FETO will be killed by those who are not satisfied with the lie. The lie that the SADAT militia would commit this massacre is also served by it by sticking it between the lines. Even though we repeatedly stated that SADAT has no operational power, we do not offer private security services, we are not private military, and that we are a consultancy company… who is running the smear campaign? Robin, who was previously announced as the man who knew about the 15th of June coup... How could anyone know about a coup months ago? If they had not gotten their hands on their faces, he would have proudly admitted that being on the team that planned the coup.

What is the reason for all this lying and slander? What are they aiming for?

It's actually quite easy to understand what's going on these days when the US presidential elections are over… All the operations carried out by the Democrats, of which Obama and Clinton are members, in the Middle East have messed up.

  • July 15 coup attempt failed. FETO, which they have invested since the 70s, has suddenly been exposed.
  • The plan for dividing Turkey, which they tried to carry out through the PKK/PYD terrorist organization, has failed, and the terrorist organization they have been transferring funds to for years has lost its existence.
  • After the 2015 June 07 elections, trenching politics, which started in part of our southeastern provinces and districts, ended in defeat with the destruction of these organizations under control.
  • The project, which drew DAESH and delivered Cerablus and then Raqqa to PYD, was frustrated with the military operation launched by Turkey.
  • His efforts and projects to surrender Musul to Hashdi Shaabi were blocked by a decision to boost Turkey's presence in Başika and their plans in Iraq, which they divided into three, fell to the ground.
  • They turned DAESH, another organization they established during the Gulf war, into a terrorist organization to fuel the crisis during the Syrian crisis, but with Turkey's deployment, it was destroyed.

All these failures have eliminated the possibility of the Democrats staying in more power.  

On July 15, 2016, the glorious resistance of the Turkish nation, under the leadership of our President against the coup attempt launched by US-led FETO, has been an impact that has shaken the US Presidential seat and determined the owner of the seat by losing the presidential election guaranteed to win by Hillary Clinton, who declared that she would continue Obama politics in the Middle East.  

Turkey, with its national will, which reached its peak on July 15, let us just say that the United States has lost the United States in a sort of military way, by throwing away all the initiatives it has launched in Turkey-Syria and Iraq through FETO, PKK, DAESH, and PYD. While this defeat buried Clinton in the ballot box, it made Trump president of the United States. The US public understood the US defeat in the Middle East, but the Turkish nation has not yet realized its victory. 

Under the leadership of our President, we can say that the glorious resistance of the Turkish nation on July 15 has been shaking the ruling seats of Western Global powers, especially the United States.

It is our President and Commander-in-Chief Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who defeated the United States in the Middle East, which claims to be unrivaled in the world's struggle for dominance. Western Global Forces, especially the United States, are putting our President at the target of slander.

The Pentagon serves two purposes by slandering SADAT Defense with several slanders’ functions. First, to exhaust the President because of the appointment of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the old SADAT Defense as his Chief Advisor, Second, to damage SADAT Defense, which is competing with 70 US companies operating in Islamic Geography.

SADAT Defense prefers to be at the targets of these circles rather than being seen with slander circles.

No one wants to see a successful Islamic country on earth.

For the last ten years, under Erdogan's rule, Turkey's standing on its feet more and more, the increase in the rate of self-sufficiency in the Defense Industry, taking a leading role in the path of the Islamic Union, proving that it will not leave the control of the region to seven heifers, all of a sudden, not only the USA, but also the EU, The Republic, its President, ASSAM, which carries out academic studies on the path of the Islamic Union, and SADAT, which also provides Defense Consultancy services on the same way, and its founder and Chief Advisor to the President Adnan Tanrıverdi are placed on the target board.

It is useful to reiterate the declaration; SADAT Defense Consulting Company is a defense consulting company. Human resources; With high national moral values, high morals, honest, not a single illegal/criminal element involved in the incident despite all kinds of injustices and all the sufferings he suffered, having superior duty qualifications, bright past, equipped, intelligent, agile, well-equipped, intelligent, agile, country, values and these are people who risk death for the sake of their honor and dignity, and who have been expelled from the TAF by these organizations for refusing to be a member of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) and Ergenekon Terrorist Organization (ETO). SADAT Defense is a company with national moral strength and aims to co-operate in the defense and defense industry among Islamic countries.

It is precisely for these reasons, and it was stated in the memorandum sent to the US embassies in Islamic countries that all kinds of obstacles are placed in the way of SADAT doing its work in these countries and that its activities are prohibited. The aim is not to stop SADAT, but to block the way for the Islamic Union. This is why Erdoğan is being targeted.

We declare as SADAT Defense

There are two ways in front of the USA in the Trump era:

First, it can continue to shed blood in this geography by working with terrorist organizations in Turkey and the Middle East.

Secondly, cuts off his relationship with terrorist organizations, hands over the FETO leader to Turkey, and can choose a way to collaborate with Turkey to bring peace to the Middle East and the Islamic geography.

If it prefers the first one, its losses will not be lost and will lead to the collapse of the period of regression that has begun.

If it chooses the second option, it contributes to the world's return of peace and tranquility, allowing its own existence to continue.

In both cases, Turkey will not give up its fight for the solitary of right and global justice, SADAT Defense will continue to serve its country and the Islamic World.

Dogs barking and the caravan going!

The Board of Directors of SADAT Defense

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