SADAT is on the Right Way (Press Release 2)




SADAT Defense, after Aydınlık Newspaper's article on September 03, 2012, which included biased and slanderous allegations, it became the center of attention of our press, and we tried to inform our written and visual press members in our company, especially on September 04, 2012.

By the way, we have accepted the Ulusal Channel reporter's request for an interview. We expected that when we clarify the truth, they will stop making mistakes.

In the same opinion, we invited representatives of the Labor Party Group, led by the İstanbul Provincial President, to our room to discuss the interview with reporters of another Television Channel, who was in front of our company and attempted to protest us.

Unfortunately, we did not see in the Ulusal Channel reporter and television directors the objective journalistic principles that should be in journalism, nor did we see in the concerned party leaders the broad perspective that would highlight the national interests that should have the politician who said, “You are illegal, we came to disband this place".

Representatives of the relevant Party have left our Company building, unable to show the patience to wait for a few minutes until the current television shoot is complete. Coming in front of the company could not do more than disturb the environment with the noise they made.

In the interview, the Ulusal Channel, which is trying to confirm the slander of the Aydınlık, has been stuck in the tail of the newspaper for two days by cutting the end of our statements and making them obscure.

The Aydınlık Newspaper, which has been calling our company "Counter-guerrilla Center" in their first news, “Gladyo Center” on the second, third and fourth day of the broadcast and “Gladyo Islamic Center”, and continued its publication of lies, slander, and imaginations on the fifth day.

In their first day publication, their slander was well-answered in our initial statement.

In addition to the information and images taken from our website on the second day, it was claimed that we made an “exploration of the Ulaşlı camp”. There is no such thing. I have never been to the area where Ulaşlı camp is located. I still do not know where it is. It is not possible to be surprised from where they find and write such a lie.

On the third day, distorted news that does not reflect the truth was included about the retired First Assistant from the Naval Special Forces Mehmet Emin Koçak, one of our advisors and employees. In fact, the first assistant, Mehmet Emin Koçak, was wronged. When no report of buried ammunition was found in Puyrazkoy, and no evidence was found, an excuse was sought to punish, it was thrown on Emin Koçak and his three other friends who were trying to live their beliefs. Although he is permitted to attend the Defense Industry Fair to be opened in the USA to determine the developments in SAT Materials, due to the change in the exhibition date, the departure date was different, so this crime was deemed and punished. Just as many officers and non-commissioned officers were removed from the armed forces during February 28, M. Emin Koçak was subjected to a similar situation by including him in penalties for crimes, and he was sentenced to disciplinary punishment on the pretext that he went abroad without permission, and they wronged him by leaving him forced to retire.

Bülent Demir, who was elected as a member of the board of directors of the General Assembly of SADAT Defense, did not participate in the board meetings due to the intensity of his work. He was not even able to participate in filming the board of directors and requested his resignation from his duty, and this request was discussed and accepted in the meeting of the board of directors held on 07/11/2012. Because his name was not deleted from our website and from our previously printed brochures, and after this was noticed by the announcement of the Aydınlık Newspaper for the members of the board of directors and advisors on our site, the name of Bülent Demir was removed from the relevant lists. Even the simple event, such as the deletion of Bülent Demir's name from the website, a headline with the words "Bülent Demir is wanted to hide" was made by the relevant Newspaper. What indeed!

The principles prepared in common with SADAT, ASSAM, ASDER, and Üsküdar University on the fifth day of the Aydınlık, SADAT smear campaign and sent to the Turkish Parliament Constitutional reconciliation Commission on 30 December 2011, we want them to be in the New Constitution; During our visits to the TGNA commissions, with the members of the Turkish Parliament, with a press conference, with our press and nation, the Civil Society organizations have been made clear in their promotional meetings with members of the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission, our offer has been made a booklet and distributed and published on the ASDER Web site and on our personal website. It should say good morning to the new person seeing this offer. We believe that our proposals will guarantee peace, prosperity, and safety in our country, and will increase the style of administration of our country to the level of states that implement advanced democracy. We are proud of our proposals and we want to confirm once again that we are behind them.

Fake news in Aydınlik, which lasted for five days, also affected CHP deputies, Mr. Ali Rıza Öztürk, Mr. Bülent Tezcan, Mr. Ali İhsan Köktürk, and referred our deputies accepting the publications as real and repeating some of this newspaper's defamatory allegations, he urged our Prime Minister, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and our Minister of National Defense, Mr. İsmet Yılmaz, to ask questions. In fact, if our first statement were to be seen by our deputies, I think they would be satisfied and would not be credited with the bad-purpose broadcast.

Through the Aydınlık Newspaper of our deputies, we would like to address the questions they have asked our Prime Minister and the Minister of National Defense and to eliminate the hesitation.

Mr. Ali Rıza Öztürk asked the question, "Is it true that SADAT was established as a private company and that it provided training to Syrian opponents in various camps?”

It is not true. It is a legal company formed by people who feel national responsibility to fill the gap in the countries and military fields where our country's Armed Forces cannot reach, regardless of daily politics, to meet the needs of friendly countries that want to benefit from the accumulation of countries with a long-standing military tradition in their Armed Forces in Dormitory Defenses.

SADAT has not yet completed the procedure required by laws No. 5201 and 5202 to actively fulfill its activities in the company's articles of association. According to these laws, the “Facility Security Handbook” (TÖGEK) prepared by SADAT has been examined by the authorities assigned by the law for three months. In this respect, SADAT has never trained the Syrian opposition or any other country in various camps until now.

The second question of our deputy is as follows, "If true, isn't such activities an open crime according to both Turkish law and international law?”

"It is not true that it provides training.” However, after the approval of the TÖGEK by the relevant authorities, the training provided by SADAT will not be a criminal element in both our own laws and international laws. Because the trainings will be provided to meet the educational needs of foreign countries to defend their own homeland and to carry out these duties of the legitimate Armed Forces, they have created to expel the invaders, at every stage of the service, under the control and supervision of our Ministry of National Defense, almost all of them will be carried out in the land, facilities, and with weapons of those countries. Our own country and the countries concerned are already carrying out these activities in their military training establishment. The more legitimate these activities are, the more legitimate the TAF's military training support for some countries, the more legitimate the SADAT's activities will be.

Mr. Ali Rıza Öztürk asked the third question as; “In which camps and facilities have the company provided training and is giving training to whom, apart from TAF's Ulaşlı Camp until now?”

SADAT had nothing to do with Ulaşlı Camp. The location of this camp, which I am claimed to have made an exploration personally, is still unknown by us. Neither in this camp nor in any other camp or facility, SADAT has provided any training to the Syrian opposition or to members of another country to this day. This claim is entirely a lie and slander put forward by Aydınlık Newspaper.

Mr. Bülent Tezcan also asked our Minister of National Defense, Mr. İsmet Yılmaz, some questions about the slander of the relevant newspaper.

Their first question was, "What does the Company called SADAT do?

What SADAT Defense will do is published in the Commercial Registry newspaper dated 28 February 2012 Accordingly, SADAT Defense will provide consultancy in the organization and use of the Foreign Armed Forces, provide training to foreign Armed Forces personnel on the subjects they will need to defend their country, and mediate the procurement of war weapons and vehicles requested by the foreign Armed Forces to defend their country. It will carry out its activities under the control and supervision of our Ministry of National Defense, as set by laws 5202 and 5201. Since the Ministry examinations required by these laws have not yet been completed, SADAT is currently unable to perform the activities stated in its contract and is preparing for post-approval only.

Their second question as; "Is it legal to have a company that advertises on its website that it provides irregular warfare training?

The Irregular Warfare (GNH) is a legitimate organization made by the Armed Forces of the Countries to use them in defense of their Homeland. The more legitimate official organizations are to defend the homeland, the more natural and legitimate it will be to organize and train civilian citizens from peacetime to expel the invaders from their homeland in possible areas that could be exposed to occupation. It is illegal to use people trained for this purpose against their own people with a coup mindset or a dictatorial mentality. In this regard, the regular forces are also used by the coup plotters and dictators against their own people. Those who consider irregular warfare illegal must consider the army illegal as well. The straw and hay must not be mixed here. After the Facility's Private Security Handbook is approved, SADAT will only address legitimate countries. There is no such thing as SADAT provide training civil citizens, civil institutions, and terrorist organizations.

The third question was in the form: "is such organization outside the military a crime in both Turkish law and international law?

It is important what you mean by the organization. SADAT is a commercial company established in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, which must carry out its activities in accordance with the provisions of the laws numbered 5201 and 5202. Over 70 private companies are operating in this field around the world. Therefore, it is an entirely legal commercial company according to the regulation of internal, external, and laws of war. There is nothing that constitutes a crime neither in its foundation or its activities stipulated in its main contract. On the contrary, compared to its peers in transparent, it also has an idea aimed at ensuring that demanding foreign countries stand on their feet.

The fourth question is in the form of; "Where are the company expenses obtained from?”

SADAT Defense is a commercial establishment. The expenses are covered by the capital paid up by the shareholders. It has not received any state contributions, neither subsidy government grants, incentive loans, bank loans, nor donations until today. SADAT Defense is a commercial company with its oil, independent, unrivaled, national, and spiritual vision.

The fifth question is, "Does this company use the land of TAF?

Absolutely No. The company does not have a facility outside its own building yet. This facility is also on lease.

The sixth question is, "Is it true that SADAT provides training for Syrian armed groups?”

It is not true. On the contrary, all the allegations and news are lies, slander, and fabrications aimed at distorting. Our lawyers will also use our legal right to these slanders.

The seventh question is as follows, "is it true that support has been received from the SADAT Managers in the Ergenekon, Balyoz, and Poyrazköy investigations, which are closely monitored by the public opinion?”

The news that SADAT Managers and its employees supporting the investigation phase of these cases is purely for falsification, slander, imagination, and defamation.

On the fifth day of publishing the news in Aydınlık Newspaper, Mr. Ali İhsan Köktürk asked seven questions, some of which were also expressed by some former deputies, by submitting a proposal question for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to answer.

The questions asked by the deputies because five of them are parallel with the questions of Mr. Bülent Tezcan, I would like to clarify two questions we see differently.

The first issue is, “have there been any discussions between the founder and his advisors and the AK Party during the establishment process of SADAT?”

After preparing our main contract of the company and presenting it to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, meetings were held with the members of the Government and some deputies who answered our appointment request to introduce this project, which will be a first in Turkey. It is intended to be completely informative. These types of our communications are written on both personal and ASDER Web sites.

Second issue; "What is the extent of the relationship of Adnan Tanrıverdi, founder of SADAT, with the AKP, who was dismissed from the army because he participated in reactionary activities and claimed to be a guerrilla?

I approach the question with regret.

Adnan Tanrıverdi was retired from the Turkish Armed Forces due to the lack of staff, after completing his waiting period in the rank of Brigadier General. He was not fired on the grounds that he was participating in reactionary activities.

Retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi is not a guerrilla. The Turkish Armed Forces is a very different, but all distinguished person with a history of successful active duty, being at the forefront of his 32-year precedent in their posts and being promoted a year earlier, without finishing his captain's waiting period.

Although Adnan Tanrıverdi has received, since his retirement, offers from many parties other than the Justice and Development Party to join their parties and move to the Turkish People's Assembly, he did not consider entering politics, just as he did not get such offers from the AKP, he is a person who has no physical connection to anybody. He entered this issue because he saw the field of service in line with his belief and because he felt the lack of service in our country.

I would like to make sure that the statement against the questions of our deputies is not considered to be answered on behalf of their correspondent. Since the questions implicated SADAT and its administrators, it was necessary to make explanations.

It is announced to the public opinion with respect.

Our first press release titled “Clarification related to Lie News of Aydınlık Newspaper” (2 pages), our second press release entitled “SADAT on the Right Way” (5 pages), (7 pages in total) without making any changes to the Aydınlık newspaper issue dated September 8, 2012, on the first page, we would like to The same font size is equivalent to the titles "Guerrilla Center", "Gladio Center" and "Gladio Islamic Center" around the SADAT Defense Company, I would like to make sure that the statement against the questions of our lawmakers is not considered to be answered on behalf of their correspondent. Our statements are not published as we want, and our legal rights will be reserved if the smear campaign against employees of SADAT Defense is not stopped.

September 7, 2012

Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired Brigadier General

Chairman of the Board of SADAT Defense

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