The news published in about SADAT Defense

The denial from SADAT Defense to Aydınlık

A denial came from SADAT Defense to the news published in the Aydınlık newspaper a few days ago that "reactionary soldiers expelled from the Turkish Armed Forces are training and arming Syrian gangs”.
The news in the Aydınlık newspaper pointed to SADAT Defense (International Defense Consulting Construction Industry and Trade) as the center in Istanbul, which was established to train and arm Syrian and foreign activists who had started the civil war in Syria. According to this news, the denial came from SADAT Defense. In the declared text “2,800 people have been trained and a group of 300-400 people has been trained in some camps. In addition, the goal is to train a staff of more than 4,500 people” was confirmed that their information was completely incorrect. In the written statement, “The SADAT Defense Group believes that the Bashar al-Assad administration in Syria has lost its legitimacy, and this administration has committed oppression and injustice against its people that the invaders did not do and that opposition to this administration must be actively supported. However, it will not be possible to support with its own will and without the approval of the Turkish Republic state. Although demanded by the Syrian opposition, education support has not been given, as our establishment process has not been completed. It means we do not train and arm the Syrian "gangs".

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