Küresel Güçler ve onların piyonu Sedat Peker neden SADAT Savunmayı hedef alıyor?

Organize suç örgütü elebaşı Sedat Peker yayınladığı bir videoda SADAT Savunma hakkında tümüyle yalan bilgiler paylaştığı için bazı basın – yayın kuruluşlarından ve medya mensuplarından çeşitli sorular geldi.

Zaten oyunun farkında olan kamuoyunu bilgilendirmek için aydınlatıcı bir video yayınlamanın faydalı olacağını değerlendirdik. Gelen soruları toparladığımızda bu kamuoyu duyurusu ortaya çıkmış oldu. Sorular şunlar;

1. Sedat Peker SADAT’ın Suriye’deki El Nusra Örgütüne silah gönderdiğini iddia etti? Doğru mu?
2. SADAT bugüne kadar Suriye’ye herhangi bir yardım gönderdi mi veya Suriye’de hangi faaliyetleri oldu?
3. Suriye’de hiçbir faaliyetinizin olmadığını iddia ediyorsunuz peki Sedat Peker niçin sizin bunu yaptığınızı iddia ediyor?
4. SADAT neden devamlı böyle iddiaların hedefinde yer alıyor?
5. Çok kısaca SADAT’ın şu anki faaliyetleri hakkında bilgi verir misiniz?

Kurulduğu günden buyana küresel güçlerin hedefinde yer alan SADAT Savunma'nın açıklamaları videoda yer alıyor...

Organized Crime Group Leader Sedat Peker, in a video he published on his social media account on May 30, 2021; He confessed that he was "arms trafficking" under the mask of "delivering humanitarian aid to the Syrian Turkmens".

It is seen that Peker, who is on trial in Turkey, while confessing his crimes in order to acquit himself, on the other hand, he acts with the logic of "throw dirt enough, and some will stick" by mentioning many people in order to misdirect the public.

The fact that the fugitive leader of the crime group, whose crimes are documented and proven, targeted the official institution of the Republic of Turkey, the National Intelligence Organization, our distinguished company SADAT Defense, and some bureaucrats in order to misdirect the public has not slip past the notice of the wise public.

We summon the slanderers to prove their slanders and hand over the documents they have to the prosecution office. Peker confesses in his video that he sold weapons to terrorist groups; but our company has no relation with the weapons delivered by Peker to the terrorist groups.

SADAT Defense has not had any training, equipment, consultancy and/or similar work with any group in Syria (as slandered). Our statements in response to the slander campaigns carried out in the past are available on our website and social media accounts.

It is announced to the public with respect.

SADAT Defense Board of Directors

26.06.2017 tarihinde, Erk ACARER tarafından “BİRGÜN.NET’’de yazılan “ORDUDA VE YARGIDA SADAT’ başlıklı yazıda, SADAT Savunma ve Kurucusu Adnan TANRIVERDİ aleyhine bir çok YALAN VE İFTİRA yayınlanmıştı. Şirketimizin faaliyetleri hakkında tamamen kurgu haberler yazarak algı oluşturmayı amaçlayan yazar aleyhinde 04.07.2017 tarihinde açtığımız tazminat davası 24.02.2021 tarihinde sonuçlanmış ve müfteri yazar toplamda 10.000 TL manevi tazminat ödemeye mahkum edilmiştir.



This article you will read constitutes the third and last of our articles titled SADAT Defense and Proxy Wars. Although SADAT Defense is a defense consultancy company, unlike the private military companies of western imperialist countries, it does not create blood and tears in the countries they serve in, and operates the activities as a guarantee of peace and tranquility.

Moreover, they perform their service in these countries in accordance with the laws and regulations of Turkey and the countries they serve. While carrying out these activities, it does not endeavor to siphon the national income of the countries they serve, but to carry it out with a service-based approach with a small profit.

The main purpose is not to have commercial gain but to work for the realization of strategic actions that will ensure peace in these countries where blood of our brothers is shed.

In our previous article, we tried to refer to the underlying reasons of those who direct their lies to SADAT Defense with an unconsciously and immorally. Now, we will talk about the method of proxy wars that the USA and its allies exacerbated in our region, after the World War II, especially after the Cold War and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the loss of Russia's former power.

In fact, although the first emergence of proxy wars was during the Cold War period, the start of its effective use in the Middle East Geography, including Turkey, began with the post-1990 US invasion of Northern Iraq.

NATO, which was established to form a bloc against the Warsaw Pact, was at the center of the debate that it had completed its mission with the dissolution of the Soviets. However, in an article published in England in 1990, the question of "Will Islam Bury Us?" came up. According to the article, Islam will soon be effective in Asia and Europe, which will rise with the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. The article went further and emphasized that if there was no intervention, Islam would take over the domination of the world in 30 years.

Western countries, which were devastated by the World War II, entered into a global agreement with each other in order to restore their economies, which were almost collapsed by the destructive effect of the war, and the European Union was born.

The victors of the war, the USA, Britain and France, continued their colonial understanding and targeted the African Continent and Middle East Islamic Countries. They succeeded in evaluating the developing countries in the Middle East as a rich market and started to sell the weapons they developed to these countries to destroy each other.

These countries sow discord among countries in our region in order to find a market for their arms industry and to make them fight each other. The countries of the region bought more expensive weapons from the western countries with the oil revenues they sold in order to fight each other, and their peoples were doomed to impoverishment as their economies collapse day by day.

Leftist and Kemalist minds, who perceive "armed training consultancy" as changing the constitutional order, have lost the mental balance and they are determined like the first day to destroy all kinds of discourses, actions and structures that belong to religion and religious people.

A smear campaign has been launched recently against the International Defense Consultancy Construction Industry and Trade Company (SADAT) which is founded by Retired General Adnan Tanrıverdi, the former chief advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

With the operation led by the Cumhuriyet newspaper, there is such a big effort to highlight SADAT as an element that will "overthrow the constitutional order". Cumhuriyet newspaper carries out a perception operation by bringing the issue back to the agenda with interviews with Kemalists.