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The SADAT Defense and Consultancy Company, established by retired Turkish officers to provide technical and strategic training to the personnel of foreign armies, awaits the approval of the Ministry of National Defense. The company, chaired by retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi, has 58 retired soldiers, from non-commissioned officer to generals, in the consultant staff. Journalist writer Abdurrahman Dilipak is also the company's "Middle East Consultant.”  Tanrıverdi stated that their main targets are the armies of the countries of the Middle East and Africa and said, "There are 58 people on our board of advisors, if we get permission, we will be able to complete our infrastructure and provide all kinds of technical, strategic and leadership training.”

 The center is surrounded by barbed wire

We visited the company's 4-floors headquarters in Beylikdüzü. We spoke to retired General Tanrıverdi on the second floor of the headquarters, who draws attention to the company garden surrounded by barbed wire that reminds us of military buildings, and the "no entry" warnings written on red plaques. We talked about SADAT and its goals in his room, which was found to be organized by military discipline with signs on the maps-lined walls and furniture. Tanrıverdi explained the following:
"Our aim is to transfer Turkey's long-standing military traditions and accumulation to countries in need. We will meet the training and strategy needs of the armed forces of countries that do not have their own experience and accumulation. Many examples of such companies are in the world. There are more than 70 companies established for these purposes. It will be the first in Turkey. There are officers, non-commissioned officers who retire at a young age from the Turkish Armed Forces, and we will benefit from them. We thought that a special formation is required to meet these needs and service demands in countries where the Turkish Armed Forces cannot reach or where those countries cannot reach.”

‘We are awaiting the approval of the Ministry’

“We currently have 6 actively operating staff and an advisory staff of 58 retired officers, petty officers and civilians. We do not have a customer yet. We have applied for permission from the Ministry of Defense.  We are awaiting approval and permission to complete the relevant procedures. In case of approval from the Ministry of National Defense, we will be able to participate in tenders to purchase international military equipment and services as well with permission and with the approval of the ministry.”
“Our services will only be for government agencies. There is no such thing as providing services to any private person or group. All our activities will already be under the control of the Ministry of National Defense. We do not have any training field, tracks, or military vehicle equipment yet. After the procedures are completed, we will make our preparations according to the demands of our customers.”

How the trainings will be?

The team of military adviser to be created on a future request will be sent to the country concerned. If the customer requests that the country send their own team and be trained in Turkey, their names, duties, and reason to of their coming will be notified to the Ministry of National Defense. If the ministry approves, these foreign officers will be able to receive training at the company's headquarters in Turkey. However, due to the company does not have heavy weapons such as tanks or aircraft, if countries that want to receive training on these issues have this equipment, training can be given on the weapons of that country by going to that country.
The company's advisory staff also allegedly had officers who retire from the TAF on the grounds of "reactionary activity".

The militant training allegations

A press release published yesterday by Aydınlık Newspaper with the title "Ministry-approved counter-guerrilla center" claimed that "The Syrian and foreign militants are trained and armed by SADAT".


Who is Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi?

Tanrıverdi entered the Military Academy in 1964, after serving in various units of the Turkish Armed Forces, including the Special Warfare Department for 4 years, he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in 1992. After serving as 2nd Armored Brigade Commander and Head of the Land Forces Health Department, he was retired on August 30, 1996 due to lack of staff. Between November 28, 2004 and November 22, 2009, he did the General Presidency to the Association for Justice Defenders (ASDER).

Interests of Turkey is among our goals

The total capital of the company, published in the Commercial Registry Newspaper on February 28, 2012, is 643 thousand Turkish Liras. Among the company's founding purposes "Defense consultancy to friendly countries in need of the interests of the Republic of Turkey, organizing security forces, entering tenders for the supply of weapons, ammunition, equipment and food needed, and personnel, vehicles, ships, aircraft, helicopters, etc., which require a security force," to build training, shooting and simulation facilities and to provide training consultancy services.

There are soldiers of all branches and ranks in the staff.

 Some names from the company's consultant staff:

  • Retired Brigadier General Korkmaz Tağma: Military Higher Management Consultant
  • Retired Artillery Colonel Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zelka: Financial Consultant
  • Retired Teacher Senior Colonel Mehmet Inkaya: Military Education System and Guidance Specialist
  • Retired Pilot Colonel Haluk Yıldırım: Combat Airplane Pilot and Fighter pilot training specialist
  • Retired Colonel İrfan Çalışkan: Special Forces Operations, Internal Security and Mapping Specialist


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