Response to the slanders of the Main Opposition Party Leader!

SADAT is a business corporation operating under the Turkish Commercial Code. Since its establishment, SADAT has faced many times with intentional slanders and attempts to constitute a doubt about it, but mostly it has focused on commercial activities by avoiding being a party to any debate. SADAT is neither a paramilitary army nor does it train any militia force. SADAT does not have any activity in conflict zones. SADAT has nothing to do with the Syrian civil war or with asylum seekers who have refuged from Syria to Turkey.

We have repeatedly made public statements regarding the unsupported allegations made against us. We find it significant that the leader of the main opposition party also embraces the baseless and provocative allegations that have been published on the internet with transoceanic instructions, despite all our disclosures on our website and social media accounts with transparency.

Associating SADAT with the upcoming general elections consists of an effort to overshadow the security of election. A person who was the Leader of the Main Opposition Party targeted a business corporation before the public and labeled it with ‘terrorism’. This makes it clear that the leader of the Main Opposition Party does not know the most basic principles of universal law. The leader of the Main Opposition Party is unaware that the structure he fronts is not a political party but a business corporation. Company and its managers have been targeted by the leader of the Main Opposition Party. Is there any guarantee that he will not make another citizen or company a target after that without any ground? Is Kılıçdaroğlu aware that he represents a large part of the society politically and that he provokes this part of the society against another part of the society? The leader of the Main Opposition Party has made it clear that he will not hesitate to slander any private company or person for his political interests.

No Turkish Citizen's house or workplace is a place where the leader of the Main Opposition Party can break in by running a riot. The legal process has been carried out unwaveringly by our lawyers against the attacks against our corporation and will continue to be carried out from now on.

We bring to the public attention.


Melih Tanrıverdi

Chairman of Board of Directors

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