The Truth Of SADAT

In periods of increasing Islamic civilization, history was noted that the colonial system of the West was interrupted. The West launched the Crusades in 1095 to weaken the Islamic world. The Western world tries to establish the perception that the crusades ended in the 1200s. The style of Crusades is changed but it certainly did not over. In our current time, the Crusades continues created alliances by institutionalizing. Islamic countries have no place in these alliances. Many countries, including the United Nations, are second-class members in all these alliances. The fact that our President, "The world is bigger than five", emphasizes this essentially.

 The Crusades

In the current version of the Crusades of the imperialist countries, they did not hesitate to kill millions of people for the continuation of the exploitation system in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Egypt. In countries where terrorism, civil war, economic blockades, and parallel structuring are not successful, the coup cards comes into play. In the past few days, we experienced an example as a military coup in Venezuela and as a judicial coup in Pakistan. The coup attempt in the international arena is accompanied by a smear campaign, as follows:

  1. The leader of the country is charged with dictatorship.
  2. It is alleged that the leader has a relationship with terrorist organizations and thus supports terrorism.
  3. The dictator is alleged to have created a special army of guards.

As happened in Turkey from looms for many years. Military coups, Economic Crises, judicial coups, and parallel structuring, whenever Turkey was trying to stand on its feet made it kneel again. After the February 28 coup, wide masses in Turkey Tired of starting over again every 10 years and treating them as one of third world countries. Chains started to break with the power of AK Party This success belongs not to the AK Party, it belongs to the masses of people who know what they want, offering this opportunity many times. On July 15 when it was said, the job was over, these people came down to the squares at the expense of their blood and souls to protect their homeland.

 Millions have been poured into squares against to tanks, machine-gun, guns, bombing helicopter and bombing fighter jets just with their bare hands.

The Crusader Alliance was terrified of people landing to the squares on 15 July. Because in the Arab Spring, the crusader alliance swallowed the masses to squares in Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Egypt and continued to coil itself up to these countries and to grind them between the teeth of the wheel of exploitation.

 It was also clear sign, that the masses who were trying to get away from the squares of the Gezi Park events in Turkey, they would not be in this game. On the 15th of July, masses who did not leave their homes in the events of the Gezi Park challenged the death of the guns and shocked the crusade alliance descending into the squares.

Military coups, economic crises, and judicial coups begin with Turkey starting to operate, after 2013 and with their apparent emergence and with the start of liquidating elements of the parallel Structure from the cadres within them in 2016, they did not hesitate to go to attempt a military coup on July 15, 2016 in order to catch up with the largest possible loss in Turkey.

As of May 2016 on the road to July 15, 2016, the Crusader Alliance began publishing defamation news against SADAT Defense and its founder, retired General Adnan Tanrıverdi, and these campaigns continued until July 15, 2016, After the shock caused by the July 15 Coup Attempt, such campaigns were cut like a knife. Probably if the coup had been successful, the crimes committed by the coup plotters would have been thrown over SADAT Defense, and real criminals would have been acquitted.

With the preparation of indictments in lawsuits for the 15th of July, during the hearings when taking the testimonies of the accused in the courts, they started playing the Three Monkeys play, and at the same time, the deformation campaigns against the SADAT Defense also started taking to its momentum again.

SADAT Defense Why is SADAT targeted?

SADAT Defense established in 2012 as a Turkey's first and unique International Defense Consulting company.  Our company is the first and the only company in its field in Turkey to protect the area, and thanks to its vision and mission, it is the first and unique in the WORLD.

SADAT's mission is that; Organization of the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces internationally, Strategic consultancy in the field of internal security and defense, providing services in the fields of internal security and military training and equipment, Creating a defense and defense industry cooperation environment between Islamic Countries and to help the Islamic World take its rightful place among the World Superpowers as a self-sufficient military force.

SADAD Defense, according to what suits its mission, defines friendly and allied countries that will provide its services to it and announce it in its slogan.


Şekil 1 Müşteri Portföyümüzdeki Ülkeler

In Western countries, around 70 military consulting companies operate and are supported by their governments. Even Western countries are working to open the way for these companies, increase their activity and effectiveness to support their foreign policies. All these companies operate in colonial areas as Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

SADAT Defense, As the first and unique company to come out of the Islamic world, he has taken a long way to the wheel of western companies and of all other countries. Therefore, it has been subject to defamation and slander campaigns since its first day of establishment. It is understandable that the western countries see SADAT Defense as an important competitor and that they become vigilant, but in some actors in our country they work in parallel with the external outbreaks so that all parts of the scene are fully occupied.

With this book, we want to help public opinion see the true face of the smear campaign against our company.

Those who have been unable to find the slightest mistake related to the activities of SADAT Defense Company until now are launching a smear campaign and "allegations" in many subjects against our company are unfounded and without even showing any evidence. Providing evidence is not possible because everything that is said against our company is a lie.  So much so, that this treachery network is trying to throw the crimes that it committed on July 15th on SADAT Defense.

Therefore, the book consists of these three mains headings;

  1. Lies of July of 15th
  2. Lies about SADAT
  3. Facts About SADAT

Click here for the booklet The Truth Of SADAT.pdf 

The Truth Of SADAT


وَقُلْ جَٓاءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُۜ اِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقاً ﴿٨١﴾

Said that; "Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed, is falsehood, ever bound to depart."

The Holy Quran, Surah Isra, The 81st Verse[1]

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