• Leftist and Kemalist minds, who perceive "armed training consultancy" as changing the constitutional order, have lost the mental balance and they are determined like the first day to destroy all kinds of discourses, actions and structures that belong to religion and religious people.

    A smear campaign has been launched recently against the International Defense Consultancy Construction Industry and Trade Company (SADAT) which is founded by Retired General Adnan Tanrıverdi, the former chief advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

    With the operation led by the Cumhuriyet newspaper, there is such a big effort to highlight SADAT as an element that will "overthrow the constitutional order". Cumhuriyet newspaper carries out a perception operation by bringing the issue back to the agenda with interviews with Kemalists.

  • They Set Up Turnkey Armies

    Can you imagine?
    Someone goes on and saying that "I will teach to kill men with the assassination, to organize sabotage, to perform the measure (terror) movements.”
    They are clearly banging the drums and saying, "I will commit crimes and I will teach to commit crimes.”
    Not only that, but they also apply to establish a company.
    They say to themselves, "OK, you are licensed to do these things.”
    They are so fearless, you would be surprised. They wander without a stick ..
    Is this because of their purity, or because of their most excused appearance?
    They certainly say, "time is our time.”
    They announced all of their talents on official websites without any hesitation.
    Their activities are not limited to irregular War.
    Light weapons are a simple thing for them. They even provide missile, tank, aircraft, warship training.
    They say we teach land, sea, and air operations.
    They re-organize the armies.
    I talk about SADAT - International Defense Advisory Construction, Industry, and Trade Inc.
    Look at the founding committee. All of them are former soldiers who were fired or retired from the army due to their reactionary stance. On top of them, the senior private officer Retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi. They are intertwined with the AKP. Neither side is hiding it anyway.
    An ancient Warrior could not be a disciple of these.
    It was hidden, but inside the state. His activity was operating only in Turkey.
    Civilian, non-state elements, and some nationalist groups were merely in assisting roles.
    We have become global. The old warrior of new Turkey is also new. It operates openly and some of its primary elements are privatized, outside of state control.
    The old one would be engaged only in informal warfare. The new one is building a turnkey army.
    The field of activity is not limited to Turkey; it is the entire Islamic geography. We can also say the geography of the Greater Middle East project. It is a kind of globalization.
    The only thing that has not changed is the boss: America.
    Do not believe the Sadat's anti-Western speech. They shoot everywhere to the same goal as the United States. Is not it clear what they are doing in Syria?

    Rafet Ballı

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