I paused, wondering: how is lie news made; We saw the truth closely after the news about SADAT in a newspaper named Aydınlık that means light, but it is dark originally. Is it possible to distort an issue to this degree? is it so distorted? They asked the camel, "Why is your neck bent?" and it said, "Where am I straight?” Because there is an art in the curvatures of the camel, and there is wisdom in each of its structures. My brother, we have passed the art in these, there is no correct side even as much as a straw! You are establishing a trading company according to current laws. Whatever the procedure is, you complete it duly. You are printing its brochure. You are promoting it. You are setting up its website, you publish its purpose, goal, principles of working. You even go on TVs, tell in detail, make announcements. You are not content with this; you are making public meetings with anyone who is authorized and interested. Your place, your dorm, your address, anyone who comes, you open your door, you invite them. Despite all this, look at this series of articles that come out, for God's sake!

Let us start with those who established the company. The news is as follows; "SOLDIERS WHICH EXTRACTED FROM THE TAF DUE TO REACTION WERE FOUNDED" Who are they? Those who founded ASDER. It was the first nucleus of the center. It was founded in 2000. Where have you been for 13 years my friend? Our voice was gone from the shouting. There is no television that we did not appear on, nor newspaper had not written about us. We wrote books, put out newsletters, published articles. We shouted as loud as we could. While yours were blowing at full speed; they are making governments inoperable and making postmodern coups. Where have you been? Did you live in space? We have never bowed our heads in front of us. Our foreheads raised, our chests are open, we shouted the truth at the top of our voice ...

Have you never heard of how they wasted thousands of sons of the country to form the structure of sectarianism and coup within the TAF? Have you never heard of how these people with all kinds of equipment, who are subjected to all kinds of torture, do not give a shred of money to a lawless way, how they seek their rights on a completely legal and legitimate ground, how they struggle in democratic ways? The AKP, CHP, MHP and the media know ASDER very well. The rights of our victim friends were restored with the support of almost all deputies of parliament. Moreover, we worked together with CHP Edirne Deputy Rasim Çakır, who was also a victim of the coup, and our ADAMDER members who were expelled from the military in the 1980 coup because they had a Left mindset. They are now retired Officers, retired Non-commissioned officers. So, what was the headline before this date? We started our association when the AKP was not yet present. We do not have a membership affiliation with any party. We are a Civil Society Organization. All NGOs that advocate Human Rights and Contemporary democracy know us, we have had a lot of common actions together.

How such an open, transparent, and democratic association and company can be represented as a Counter-guerrilla Center. Honestly, a great success ... Let us line up the lies;

  1. It was established to train and arm the Syrian and foreign opponents who opened a civil war in Syria …
  2. SADAT, called the Islamic Counter-guerrilla.
  3. Transfer money: Dollars coming from the Gulf, part of the funds allocated from the payments of various organizations in Turkey is transferred to the Syrian opposition by ASDER / SADAT.
  4. According to information obtained by Aydınlık, approximately 2,800 people have completed irregular warfare training in training camps opened by SADAT in various places ...
  5. Military training is still in progress. The training of a group of 300–400 people is continuing in the current camps. The goal is alleged to be to raise this number to more than 4500 people.
  6. After ASDER came to power at the end of 2002, it worked behind the scenes as a center for the AKP's military activities. It played an active role in document/information leakage through its extensions within the military. ASDER members performed an influential mission in Operations Ergenekon and Balyoz. They are said that they have been involved in producing forged documents by working on a computer.
  7. With the Syrian crisis, ASDER decided to operate in the military field with the request of the AKP government.
  8. Presently, members of the ASDER Army have decided to create SADAT, led by the senior special warrior, retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi, at the request of the AKP government.
  9. We explained that SADAT's head, retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi, who is the Senior Special Warrior, has conducted reconnaissance at the Ulaşlı Naval Forces camp in Izmit / Gölcük to train militants who will be sent to Syria.
  10. They play a key role in the Syrian civil war. According to our sources, SADAT is working particularly hard to train foreign militants for land war and street warfare.
  11. SADAT has various training bases in Istanbul and Marmara region, which are used and prepared to use for this purpose.
  12. It was learned that Mehmet Emin Koçak, one of the commandos of SADAT, played a role in Poyrazköy's operations, which caused his arrest.
  13. Mehmet Emin Koçak was arrested on June 23, 2009, for being traveled abroad several times without permission.
  14. This center is set up to implement the USA plan in our region.

These are all imageries produced in dark rooms by this newspaper, the enemy of the Light. There is not any side to answer. We are ready to close the ASDER and SADAT if they prove one of them. But our lawyers have made the necessary preparations. We will settle accounts in the court as soon as possible.

We will settle accounts for a showdown, but there is a topic on my mind; I wonder what is the purpose of this Aydınlık newspaper, whose name means Light, but its origin is Dark? I am trying to figure out what they are planning in the hidden compartments of the brains.

It will be out soon...

Gürcan ONAT


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