To whom the mercenaries belong?

With the Armenian attack on Azerbaijan, it becomes clear in the media that our company is transporting mercenaries from Syria to Azerbaijan.

It is understood that the statements we made regarding similar false news that had been raised before, the denial writings we sent, and the compensation lawsuits we brought, were not taken into consideration.

SADAT Defense provides the Strategic defense and security consultancy, modernization and reorganization service, private defense, and security training services with supply services for the Armed Forces and Police Formations of the Islamic countries.


You Cannot Find SADAT Defense in Conflict Regions

Our company is not a mercenary or a volunteer soldier organization. SADAT Defense has a completely different structure and function than Special Military companies seen as examples in the West.

Although we have explained this many times, the name of our company is also mentioned in every campaign in order to raise a perception against Turkey internationally. Extensions of those who lead international terror in our country also speak the same lies out.


Claimants Must Provide Concrete Evidence

The allegations made about SADAT Defense;

  1. Training of the opposition or others in Syria
  2. Sending mercenary soldiers, volunteers, or jihadists from Syria or anywhere else to Libya or Azerbaijan

are completely false.

We invite the claimants to submit their evidence to the Public Prosecutor's office and make a criminal complaint about us.


We announce to the public opinion with respect.