Is it Brightness or Darkness?


A tatter that is mysterious even serves the dark forces, has around ASDER and SADAT for days in its tongue of impurity.
Who are you, what's your worth?
These institutions you attack by scattering your vomit, are impossible to comprehend, to even the mob-like you.
However, by lies, slander, and delusions, they grind your teeth and growl, and you lick the boots of your owners who hold your IP!
The Labor Party's media organ... more precisely, the buddy of the terrorist head, it is not clear when and with whom has a job, but he does always not hesitate to take a position with the domestic and external enemies of this country,  a man called Doğu Perinçek is so-called "brightness"....!
Don't confuse ASDER and SADAT with others with your little minds ...!
Remember, ASDER was established as a result of the dark period on February 28, when the enemies of the country, including you, had taken the ship to rock bottom and squandered the sons of the nation at that time.

Keep in mind that Turkey is not ancient Turkey and the people in your nation are not ancient.
These lies and slanders would definitely have helped you in those dark times that bats love.
But it's useless, don't try too much, nobody believes these slanders and delusions anymore.
The attack of people like you only increases the reputation of these institutions..!
ASDER and SADAT are the work of a happy team that depends on their spiritual values, aware of its history, whose values are great and honored by service, who is determined to fight on the legitimate ground to the end, whose guts are too strong to do secret/hidden work, but who will be able to power what is on the basis of justice-right-truth.
You are either stupid enough to believe those who put this mad nonsense in your hands, or you are so treacherous and callous that you can produce and make it up yourself..!
In fact, even dealing with people like you outside the courtrooms would cast a shadow on the truth, but staying silent in the face of cruelty doesn't suit bravery ..!
If your goal is to spread the news, those days have passed ... drive your donkey ...!
No, if you're trying to intimidate us with threats, blackmail, don't bother us, don't make us look like other people... not if you take all the soldiers of the devil on earth, even the demons themselves, you can't give us a shred of fear..!
The caravan walks ..!
We know everyone who lives in this country is friendly, but we're not afraid of anyone's hostility.
In fact, your attack did us very well ...! You have become a means of spreading the name ASDER and SADAT, and it has become known to those who did not know it.
Cooperating with the enemies of this country and nation only suits those who slander us.
Despite having the likes of you, ASDER, SADAT and our other institutions will continue to do all kinds of work at their maximum capacity for the future of our country, the Islamic world and humanity.
‘’But Allah will complete (the revelation of) His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it)’’ (H.Q)

Peace be upon you

6 September 2012

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