SADAT Defense and Proxy Wars (2)

In our previous article, we tried to refer to the underlying reasons of those who direct their lies to SADAT Defense with an unconsciously and immorally. Now, we will talk about the method of proxy wars that the USA and its allies exacerbated in our region, after the World War II, especially after the Cold War and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the loss of Russia's former power.

In fact, although the first emergence of proxy wars was during the Cold War period, the start of its effective use in the Middle East Geography, including Turkey, began with the post-1990 US invasion of Northern Iraq.

NATO, which was established to form a bloc against the Warsaw Pact, was at the center of the debate that it had completed its mission with the dissolution of the Soviets. However, in an article published in England in 1990, the question of "Will Islam Bury Us?" came up. According to the article, Islam will soon be effective in Asia and Europe, which will rise with the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. The article went further and emphasized that if there was no intervention, Islam would take over the domination of the world in 30 years.

For this, a group of states believing that NATO has not completed its mission and pointed out that NATO should determine a new enemy and emphasized that this new enemy should be transformed from red to green. This idea is accepted in a short time and then NATO's new enemy became the "Green Belt", that is, Islam.

Soon, this decision was implemented in spite of Turkey and effective military action was taken in the region with the invasion of Northern Iraq. This operation prepared the ground and the beginning of the proxy wars in the Middle East Islamic Geography.

We can say that Karl Deutsch made the most correct definition of Proxy Wars. Proxy war, according to Karl Deutsch; As a continuation of the international conflict between the two powers, the territory of a third country where they have interests is defined as the war they are conducting through internal disputes in this country and again using the manpower, resources and territory of this country.

The role of imperialist expansionist forces in proxy wars arises by supporting one of the parties in the internal conflicts that exist in a third country. We can explain these countries as their efforts to prevent their global rivals from gaining power and dominating these countries with their own supporters by applying their foreign policies and strategies within the borders of third countries.

As can be understood from what has been explained so far, imperialist powers avoid direct conflict with each other with the help of proxy wars. By fighting each other, they do not confront the lands and peoples of the country with the destructive face of war. They fight indirectly by using their political influence and military power over the third country. They do not actually prefer to fight with their own soldiers on the territory of this country.

If they do not fight with their own soldiers in these lands, then how do they direct and win these wars? This question comes to mind, right? This is the moment of truth. These countries create an artificial agenda in third countries with the techniques of psychological warfare and even with the help of own citizens of third countries. They provoke street demonstrations. They escalate terrorist activities, they give the impression that there is no democracy in the country. They talk about economic inadequacies and support the opposition parties that always ignores and criticizes the actions of the government.

They mobilize people who will make their own propaganda with artificial agendas. They target the government, which they believe will not act in line with their own interests in the country, and through the media they make it seem like there is poverty, corruption, theft and social discrimination in the country. As a matter of fact, when we look at what happened in Turkey after the 1990s, we can see them clearly. The statements that made the headscarf issue as a problem among the public, which did not raise awareness, let alone being a problem. Did not it serve this purpose?

What is happening today in Northern Iraq, Syria, many African countries, Libya and Yemen show the worst aspects of proxy wars. Dozens of large and small military companies operate in this geography and they exploit the underground and aboveground resources of the region. Black Water from USA in Northern Iraq, Russian Wagner in Syria and Libya are the biggest and most effective military companies in the world.

The common characteristics of these companies are that they provoke the people of the region against each other in the countries they invade by committing crimes against humanity, and they are getting stronger by the help of blood and tears. The pursuit of personal spoils, acts such as harassment, rape, and violence are just a few of the illegal actions of these companies in the region. We can say that there are more than 150 private large and small military companies, around the world today. The most brutal and destructive ones of these companies are under the control of countries such as the USA, Russia, England and France. We can say that 30 of these companies are in Middle East and Africa, namely ASRICA.

Considered as one of the most innocent of these companies, Executive Outcomes suppressed the internal uprising in the African country of Sierra Leone, and when it was said that everything was okay, a more bloody and stronger civil war broke out after the government officials ended their agreement with the company. As it can be understood in this example, the aim of these companies, which are the tool of the imperialist states, is to capture, control and turn them into guided states.

They leave by doing the necessary bad deeds by calculating the day they will have to leave the country. We can compare this situation to the body of a drug addict teenager who becomes weak and weaker as he uses it. He wants to quit the addiction but as he tries, he becomes weaker. He starts again and becomes weaker; it goes on and on. It is a vicious circle.

As can be seen, these companies stay in the region to solve the problems in Islamic countries do not want to leave the region where they are settled down. The collaborators and henchmen of these companies in Turkey realized that they would not find space in the region as a result of SADAT Defense's national and domestic military consultancy activities. These imperialist companies noticed that they will not be able to find the environment of blood and tears in the face of this formation that works with their own values, takes into account cultural and moral values, does not cooperate with terrorism, acts in accordance with the interests of their countries, produces and realizes permanent solutions by acting in partnership with national institutions and organizations. They also began to anticipate that they would have to leave the region permanently.

Do you understand now, for whom these barkers work? If SADAT Defense was going to create chaos and turmoil in the countries of the region like imperial companies, would the prosecutors who called to execute their duty wait a second? Do you think they could not openly share more concrete evidence about SADAT Defense, which they were looking for a criminal element?

When they have failed to surrender our country to the PKK terrorist organization, they want to turn our country into a mandate of imperialist countries.

I cannot find a single word to say to those poor inconsiderate people who claim to be the so-called patriotic Turkish officer whose names I do not find worthy of mentioning.

To be continued…


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