When discussing the issue of Good Party President Meral Akşener opposing, the Statutory Decree, “Immunity from prosecution to civilians who intervened in the July 15 coup attempt and the terrorist incidents that followed” by saying "civil war will break out"; this time, she claimed that there were armed training camps in Tokat and Konya. Moreover, SADAT company, which is the first and only domestic company to provide consulting and military training in the field of international defense and consultancy, established in 2012 by ASDER Chairman Adnan Tanrıverdi Pasha, was accused of these camps. Due to these features, SADAT has been targeted by global power focus from the day it was founded. The applications of psychological warfare in the perception operations and smears in the written and visual media related to SADAT, are such that you search in the lanterns for the methods applied to the national will on February 28.

For example, after the SADAT was established in 2012, SADAT officials prepared new legislation for the formation of the Defense industry service sector in addition to laws for defense industry security and production 5202 and 5201, and were sent to the Turkish Parliament as a government proposal. SADAT won the criminal and compensation cases after the matter was taken to court because of the slanders and manipulative news made against SADAT by a newspaper with a criminal record from FETO.

This time, in consultation with SADAT officials and relevant state institutions in early 2016, the preparation of the legislation on the amendment by the state was deemed appropriate in terms of the interests of the country, since the changes to be made in the defense industry are an important instrument that the state can use in its foreign policies. In this way, these companies could grow and be under the control of the state while at the same time directing these companies in the direction desired by the state. If the amendment is approved by the Turkish Parliament, Turkey will have a revolutionary law in foreign policy, defense industry, in terms of its national interests. However, following the recent arrival of these amendments to the Parliament through the respective ministries, black propaganda was launched again related to SADAT. The kind of black propaganda and the unimaginable slanders were in the social media accounts and the media that makes you say, what are you SADAT. Indeed, psychological warfare quotes, from Fuat Avni, a FETO militia member, to the Evangelist-NeoCon crew, to Michael Rubin, aka Prince of Darkness, from there to the CHP, also made clear why SADAT was targeted. As Tanrıverdi Pasha stated in an interview, SADAT had put thorn in the wheel of global powers. While 70 companies, consisting of mercenaries under the control of the Pentagon, work for the interests of the USA for the purposes of imperialism and hegemony in Islamic geography, the mission of the SADAT company, which was established in Turkey, was to save Islamic countries from the hegemony of global powers and to provide from the accumulation of expertise and services to stand on its feet and get rid of power dominant. Can SADAT’s practiced and experienced soldiers also be the common defense organization of Islamic countries? Can Islamic countries produce common industries? Along with the research project, they confidently stated that they consider it a duty to provide the consultancy and training services needed by the armed forces of Islamic countries because they have this knowledge.

On February 28, to bring down the Welfare Party which was in power, nearly 11 million people of different ideologies and opinions were swept into Turkey by the leaders of the illegally established BÇG and EMASYA commanders. This sweep is in violation of the Constitution, laws, regulations, and European human rights conventions, was carried out by unauthorized, unprofessional people and illegal institutions. With the "witch hunt" initiated within the TAF, nearly 2000 officers and non-commissioned officers were tagged by the BÇG and dismissed from the army, and nearly 10 thousand soldiers of various ranks were forced into retirement.

On February 28, a specialized cadre with experience and experience who could establish and train an entire army was expelled, because of their prayers and because their wives were veiled, and for trivial reasons, they were left with their family in a situation in which they needed to a morsel of bread. ASDER was established in this critical environment. In this process, I was invited to ASDER by Retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi for a conference. I met Adnan Tanrıvedi and ASDER's valuable commanders at this conference. In interviews we made here, I learned that BÇG has been at TAF for many years. Later, together with ASDER’s Istanbul and Ankara presidents, we participated in many programs with Latif Şimşek on Beyaz TV. Here, the evaluations and percentages of valuable commanders regarding the FETO presence within the TAF were almost accurate after the operations carried out today.

It is clear that false slanders and black propaganda, which I know very closely, about ASDER and SADAT established afterward, are psychological war practices to block domestic and national elements in the defense industry. According to that!

Quotation: Bülent Orakoğlu January 8, 2018,

At the beginning of the week, I was surprised to hear Mrs. Meral's claim that "there are armed training camps in Tokat and Konya".

When I read the news in the media the next day, I was convinced that this woman would not be a politician.

Mrs. Meral said, “We hear that there are armed training camps in Tokat and Konya, such allegations are being said. Let them investigate and provide us the information. There are intense rumors that they will play a role in the election period, and that they will create confusion if an undesirable result occurs. One of them is a structure called SADAT. Believe me, SADAT and the rest structures are a speck of dust for me. These certain structures will lead people into conflict. I am warning you now and I want precautions to be taken.”

It is noteworthy that in recent days, the defamation and slander campaigns against our company, SADAT, have been resumed. These smear and slander campaigns are observed to be repeated with periods of about 6 months, are linked to each other from the outside and the inside.

SADAT is a company that operates and is incorporated under the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code and operates according to the law. Its founders, partners and employees are legally respectful and immaculate history. There is no single suspicious activity to be illegal, even as a legal person or individuals. SADAT is infallible from any unsightly, unsupported imputation.  All activities of our company are examined by all departments of the state under the Turkish Commercial Code and other legal regulations, and there is no illegal action.

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