Denial the news of SADAT Defense and Adnan Tanrıverdi

In the news on the website of the Ulusal Channel, signed by Masum Gök on August 16, 2016, it is seen that there is an attempt to create perception management about our company and our former chairman of the board, Adnan Tanrıverdi, by including many issues that are opposed to the facts.

SADAT International Defense Consulting Company has never had a training camp, or even had the opportunity to train in any subject so far.

All the unfounded news that Aydınlık has made about this has been brought to the judiciary in 2012 and was convicted of false news. Court decisions are published on our website ( ).

We have difficulty in understanding the purpose of broadcasting such news. Although such unrealistic news and was proven by a court decision, nevertheless these unrealistic claims are presented to the public opinion like a rice dish, and hostile statements are taken from some retired soldiers. The decisions of the court and all our statements and explanations published on our website are ignored, the procedure for creating mis perceptions is still in force. We reserve the right to file a judicial and legal request in this regard.

In the statement based on retired Lieutenant-General Ismail Hakki Peking, the former chief of staff and intelligence chief, while Tanrıverdi led the Brigade in Istanbul, Maltepe, claims that he introduced religion into the camp and created his own group.

When the period of the 2nd Armored Brigade Command is examined, it is clear easily that all Brigadier Units have achieved the highest level of success in all inspections and drills. All assignments were based on merit. In contrast to the allegation, Tanrıverdi has been appointed from the Brigade Command to the Head of the Land Forces Health Department in the face of his practices which could not allow the organization of ETO and FETO. The claim that "mass magic prayers" was made is another lie. It was expected that the arguments that a former intelligence president had put forward when he was defending the illegal practices of the Western working Group in 1990 would be possible and provable. Because Tanrıverdi prevented the illegal practices of the western business group, he was retired due to the lack of staff. If, as alleged, only one illegal element could be found in Adnan Tanrıverdi's command activities, there is no doubt that he would be expelled from the TAF by using the cover of reactionary charge, the popular accusation of the time.

It is alleged that retired Major General Ahmet Yavuz accused Tanrıverdi of being hostile to Atatürk. This baseless accusation, like others, will be brought to the judiciary by SADAT defense. In the words of Ahmet Yavuz, the mentality that brought the TAF into the mud will dry up with today's sun, which was reborn as a result of the rightful election of our President of the Republic by appointing Adnan Tanrıverdi as Senior Adviser.

Even the citizens on the street today clearly understood that the game played in Turkey was carried out from a single center, and on July 15, they not only expressed this in the loudest way but also demonstrated their will and demand with the vigils they held every evening for weeks. Our President, by listening to this will and demands, directs his actions and continues to serve our authentic nation by bringing honest people to his side.

It is seen that the common point in all kinds of operations that directly target Mr. Erdoğan, who has reversed the games played on Turkey, is trying to create the perception that "Mr. Erdoğan supports terrorism in the international environment.” Both the 17-25 December plots and the operation of the MIT trucks, etc., some of the teams that failed to succeed in the trials were disgraced after the July 15 terrorist act and left the field again to ETO. The smearing efforts against SADAT and Tanrıverdi are nothing more than an effort to defame Mr. Erdoğan's actions in the final goal. It is another fact that seeing that the reactionary discourse carried out by the Western Working Group in the 90s was reverted to, the ETO was desperately struggling to take the stage again, and it was due to the fear that their efforts would be in vain after Tanrıverdi was appointed as the Senior Advisor to the Presidency.

Turkey has entered a new era after July 15 terror operation, breaking the shackles in which, it was tried to be convicted in unity and integrity. While the center that carries out the operations is targeting Mr. Erdoğan, it is seen that the local tongs are trying to attack with the hope of seizing the Republic of Turkey again.

On this occasion, we emphasize again that both SADAT International Defense Consulting Company and Adnan TANRIVERDİ have never been involved in illegal work.

SADAT International Defense Consulting Company 2012 presented its consultancy, training, and supply services to the Ministry of National Defense on April 20, 2012, collecting information on what criteria to deliver and how to monitor them in a 46-page booklet. It has not carried out a single activity in the country or abroad that is contrary to Turkish or international laws.

It is an unfortunate fact that the communities that have signed up to many illegal practices, think that everyone and every segment does the same. The judiciary decisions always condemn who made these false allegations.

Here are some of the explanations and statements that we have made in the press that we have been interested in repeatedly heated allegations, such as sloshing rice;





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