criminal complaint

    1. Organized Crime Group Leader Sedat Peker, in a video he published; He confessed that he brought weapons under the name of aid to the Syrian Turkmens and that the aid he brought (!) was delivered to the Al-Nusra.
    2. In the same video, he confessed that he had committed a crime by admitting that he knew he had dispatched weapon.
    3. In the aforementioned video, he also claims that the weapons were given to him by members of SADAT!.
    4. While an unfounded (without evidence) claim does not go beyond just defamation, it is clear that some purposeful parties are pursuing the dream of leveling up the smear campaign that has been carried out against our company since 2012, by relying on a crime group leader.
    5. We expressly state on our website that we will operate in all matters within our ability to execute, which are registered in the Trade Registry Gazette, which is clearly stated in the Company's articles of association with the establishment of our company and which does not contradict the laws of the Republic of Turkey and international legislation (also, it is 100% compatible with laws).
    6. In the fields that we publish and declare to operate with all clarity in our trade registry gazette and website, and other than that, it is not possible for our Company to work and cooperate with non-state actors.
    7. And yet, against a criminal group leader who was abroad as an outlaw, defaming our company with unfounded allegations and trying to be associated with this outlaw, with whom we have not had any contact until today; as always, to file a criminal complaint to investigate Sedat Peker's allegations in order to call for the esteemed prosecutors to duty.
    8. Thus, it will be clarified by law whether SADAT Defense or some members of SADAT committed any crime or not.
    9. Our law firm has applied to the prosecutor's office with the following criminal complaint.