Helicopter Pilot Training

SADAT Defense has ability to perform the basic and advanced trainings for Helicopter Pilot Training and orientation programmes effectively with the training teams composed from professionals chosen from a large circle of reserves depending on requests at all fields of Air Forces Command of friendly countries in their own territories.

Education/Training Staff

Training is carried out with experienced teacher pilots and technical staff who have worked as flight instructors in the Aviation Academy Commands under Turkish Armed Forces, Air Forces and the Land Forces Command.

Training Subjects

Military Pilot Training:

  1. Helicopter pilot basic training
  2. Carrying out the proficiency training of the desired helicopters
  3. Helicopter instrument flight training
  4. Night flight training (flight training with night vision binoculars)
  5. Armed helicopter flight training and firing training
  6. Technician basic course training
  7. Technician type rating training

Initial Requirements for Courses

  • Having pilot’s license
  • Having a health certificate in accordance with civil aviation criteria

Abilities to be Gained After the Training

Having the ability to perform all kinds of flight tasks in the relevant helicopter type.

Duration of Course

Although it varies depending on the type of helicopter, it is 2 years maximum.

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