Black Consciences, Hafter and Black Shield

Belgeler ortaya çıktı BAE zor durumda

Mercenaries are panacea

In the early 1990s, the western world brought its mercenaries to Iraq on bail from a private military company. Western states have been using Legionaries since medieval ages to maintain the exploitation order in the Middle East, especially in Africa.

When mercenary groups charged with preventing Iraq from procuring the stability of Iraq, which were divided into three due to internal unrest when people started to suffer from human resources, Al-Qaeda was invented and it became a new and very cheap mercenary source based on the ideological base of Muslims from Islamic countries. When the al-Qaeda ideology was insufficient after Syria was messed with chaos, ISIS was invented and put on the ground to create new resources. Today, with Turkey's effective fight, Al Qaeda and ISIS had been ended in the region. In Africa, organizations like Boko Haram continue their activity. When the west financing terrorism and some of the Gulf countries under its guidance had difficulty could not afford to stand against the Turkish Armed Forces and returned to their country in the coffin, and even sometimes did not return, they became have to use mercenaries from Russia with a new organization and use them in Syria.

Today, after Turkey ended terrorism in Syria, the West fell into a new chaos as a result to the request of the Libyan Government Turkey to send its militaries to Libya to end terrorism in Libya.

There are not enough mercenaries in their inventory for both Syria and Libya!

Turkey's declaration of the red card in the face of Western countries in an attempt to control the abundant reserves of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean and Libyan oil and its underground resources turned all equilibriums upside-down. Those who have been stalling Turkey with terrorism for 200 years and designing countries, borders, trade, rights and law according to their own interests, but without giving the people of the region their right to life, are more panicked than ever before.

Mercenary groups came from neither Europe, America nor Russia on two different fronts are not showing sufficiency. The Russian mercenary organizer Wagner is trying to send mercenaries to the field through two separate Russian companies as a result of her name newly being very degenerate and gum in the mouth. But the sources agree that a group around 2,500 Ukrainian and Russian citizens under Wagner's control are not sufficient for both Syria and Libya. [i]

Great panic!

The panic is so big to such a degree that the CIA-backed terrorist, Hafter, who is trying to take over Libya, is keen on the front because he knows he will lose to the Turkish Armed Forces, because he will need a lot of pawns to spend on the front he makes mind-wasting explanations.

A spokesman for the terrorist Haftar made false statements in the press release last week that Turkey had introduced jihadist groups coming from Syria to Libya and SADAT International Defense Consultancy Company had propelled the mercenaries to Libya. Even though the Turkish Armed Forces took Turkish soldiers to Libya openly through bilateral agreements and declared this to the world, it is just an effort to create perception. Although the whole world knows that SADAT International Defense Consultancy company provides strategic military consultancy, training and equipment services, trying to adhere the paramilitary label it forms another leg of the same perception generation operation.

Syrian National Army (SMO) commander Abu Ahmed al-Nur denied allegations of a spokesman for Haftar, that he was in Libya and received a million dollars in exchange for the fighting in Libya. [ii] The commander mocked Hafter's spokesperson by posting a video recording proving that he was in Azez in Syria.

Terror Gang

Can the CIA-backed terrorist Hafter and the Egyptian, Israeli, UAE gang behind [iii] stand against the Turkish Armed Forces? Absolutely No. Technological and tactical superiority and long-term experience in terrorist control operations are present in the Turkish Armed Forces. With the thought that I can close the terrorist gang deficit, he is in a hurry to find mercenaries because he cannot find supporters to make Hafter crowded. They are so deplorable that according to reports in the press, they deceived the Sudanese youth, who were clawed by hunger and misery, with a promise to work in the Private Security business in the UAE and sent them to Yemen and Libya to fight.

The incident was revealed when some of the youth told their families that they were deceived and kidnapped. [iv] As a result of the evolving reactions and protests in front of the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Khartoum, around 80 Sudanese youth kidnapped to Libya had to have returned them back to their families.

It was revealed that the Black Shield company based in United Arab Emirates, brought young people from Sudan to Dubai in 2019 with a promise to work as a private security component with high salary, after 3 months of military training, it turned out that they had to comply with one of the options to work as a mercenary in Yemen or Libya. Some of these young people lost their lives in their fighting with the UAE, which fought against the Yemeni army to occupy Yemen's coastal cities. Some of them were taken to Libya this year to fight against the legitimate Libyan Government and the Libyans.

Black Consciences

It is not known whether the Sudanese young people who tried to put mortgages on the future of Libya were called black soldiers because they were blacks, but there is no doubt that the terrorist Haftar and terrorist gangs supporting him have all black Consciences.

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, all plans were turned upside down for those who were exploiter of Islamic lands with Turkey showing the red card. SADAT Defense is a military consultancy company established to provide strategic consultancy, knowledge and experience to the armed forces of Islamic countries. It is not a mercenary organization or an armed organization.[v] The Republic of Turkey does not need any authority other than the Turkish Armed Forces to make the black consciences notify their place.


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