In the article written by Mr. Orhan UĞUROĞLU and published in Yeniçağ newspaper on 12.08.2019;

“Is the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of National Defense are also privatized?

 be privatized ....

Private schools from primary school to university have been built, education has been privatized ... As for the remaining public schools, get the points if you can, if you cannot get them, come on Imam Hatip…

The Ministry of National Defense also the Military privatized ...

Give the money, get an evacuation

The tank pallet factory was also privatized by giving it to the partnership of Qatar army,

A Special Armed Army SADAT was also established to the presidential chief advisor, Adnan Tanrıverdi

It begins in the form and continues with the criticisms to the privatized public activities.

Dear UĞUROĞLU in his article, defined that private schools, which are opened within the framework of the state curriculum, under the state control and even minimum physical conditions in an environment drawn by the state as a privatization of education. 

Within this scope, he evaluated the application of paid military service, privatization of the operating right of the tank pallet factory for a while and the establishment of SADAT A.Ş., as privatization of also the Ministry of National Defense.

We think that the evaluation of SADAT Defense as an alternative to Turkish Armed Forces is due to insufficient or incorrect information sources. SADAT Defense clearly defined its purpose, activities, and scope of work through its website, and its establishment was announced in the Newspaper of Official Commercial on February 12, 2012.

 Mr. Adnan Tanriverdi has explained several times how the idea of SADAT Defense establishment was emerged. This explanation is available on the website of SADAT Defense.

Dozens of decisive decisions have been taken and convictions have been made regarding to the investigation Concerning forgery and the denial of similar articles and writings about SADAT Defense.

The intendment and intention of SADAT Defense are clear, and it has no other back plan. The aim of SADAT Defense is to consider the interests of the Republic of Turkey friendly and allied countries.

It can be summarized as follows:

  • Provide strategic consultancy to the security forces (the armed forces and police corps),
  • Provide training for members of the security forces on the subjects they need in order to defend their country,
  • Mediate in the procurement of war weapons and vehicles demanded by the security forces to defend their country,
  • Creating a defense and defense industry cooperation environment between friendly countries, providing consultancies on these issues, establishing a market environment for the products of Turkish defense industries, and providing interstate organizations on related issues,

Carried out company activities as determined by the relevant legislation.

SADAT Defense is not a special army, an armed force.

To the public opinion, it is announced with respect.


The interview with Mr. Melih TANRIVERDİ Chairman of the Board Directors of SADAT Company, which is the first and unique of its kind in the field of military consultancy and training outside of our country that is the protector for the geopolitical and geostrategic geography; at the same time, it is the company that carries out its works in coordination with the official foreign policy of the Turkish Republic in addition to it is going over its way to be the pearl and pride for its country in the near future.

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JUDGER: Zafer DAŞKIN 153128.

CLERK: Yusuf Kenan YABANTAĞ 229062.

PLAINTIFF: SADAT A.S. International Defense Consulting.

DEFENCE COUNSEL: Ahmet Cengiz Tangören - Ahrnet Taylan.


DEMAND: Access blocking Request.

DATE OF DEMAND: 25/04/2019.

DATE OF DECISION: 25/04/2019.

The defense counsels Mr. Ahmet Cengiz Tangören & Mr. Ahmet Taylan of SADAT International Defense Consulting have submitted a petition, which was attached in above division and recorded under different issues order, to our judiciary in the date of 25/04/2019.

Documents were audited.


The defense counsels Mr. Ahmet Cengiz Tangören & Mr. Ahmet Taylan of SADAT International Defense Consulting have submitted a petition which was provided in 25/04/2019 includes Access blocking Request to publications that were non-real and attacking their personal clients’ rights in accordance with article 9.1 of the Law No. 5651.

Article 9.1 of the Law No. 5651;

(1) Real and legal persons, institutions, and organizations who are alleging, that their personal rights have been violated due to broadcast content made on internet, have right to request removal of broadcast content by warning methods in case of failure to reach this content or by requesting to the judge who may block broadcast content directly.

(2) The requests providing by persons, who alleging their personal rights have been violated due to broadcast content made on internet, should be replied at most within twenty-four hours by the content and / or location provider.

(3) Due to broadcast content on the Internet and according to requests of those who their personal rights have been violated, the judge may decide to block access within the range specified in this article.

(4) The judge decides to ban access to content on the basis of this article, by blocking the access to the content (in the form of URL, etc.) only in relation to the posts, section, portion where the violation of the right to personality occurs. The decision to prevent full access to the posts cannot be given on the website unless requested. However, if the judge finds that the violation cannot be prevented by blocking access to the content by specifying the URL address, he can also decide to block accessing to the entire posts on the website, with the proviso that specify the reason."

Upon checking application Form and its attachments, it was found that the action was taken due to violating personal rights by publishing the posts in the URL: without consent of the requesting side, for these reasons the APPLICATION WAS APPROVED as such.

Law No. 5651 Article 9; The judge decides to ban access to content on the basis of this article, by blocking the access to the content (in the form of URL, etc.) only in relation to the posts, section, portion where the violation of the right to personality occurs. The decision to prevent full access to the posts cannot be given on the website unless requested. However, if the judge finds that the violation cannot be prevented by blocking access to the content by specifying the URL address, he can also decide to block accessing to the entire posts on the website, with the proviso that specify the reason.

With this provision and after it became clear that https:// was the domain name on the mentioned webpage, the following decision was taken as to denial of the request.


  1. The US citizen and pentagon officer Michael RUBIN published through his Twitter account statements and accusations that are far from the facts and contain insults and slanders far from reality, with the intention of offending personal rights and defaming the commercial reputation that targets Society and public opinion, headed by the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, legitimate government, and my client known by its short name SADAT, International Defense Consulting Construction Industry and Trade Contribution.
  2. SADAT International Defense Consulting Construction Industry and Trade Contribution, known as SADAT in short, is established and operates in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code and operates according to the law. Its founders, partners and employees are legally respectful and immaculate history. There is no single suspicious activity to be illegal, even as a legal person or individuals. SADAT is infallible from any unsightly, unsupported imputation. All activities of the client company are under the law under the Turkish Commercial Code and other legal regulations, under which all entities of the state are examined and a commercial entity without a legitimate, transparent, covert business without any lawless conduct.
  3. Therefore, the subject of the request account via the link in which harsh words were used against the client company without researching facts and without actually knowing about it, and it is obvious that it contains lies, errors, insults, and statements with the purpose of slander, as part of the campaign Intentional defamation that seriously harms the business reputation and personal rights of the company.
  4. Matter on request, from a twitter account with the extension,;
    • Michael Rubin verified account @mrubin1971 9 Nis ’’I wonder, if Erdoğan steals the Istanbul election and protests begin, SADAT will shoot at crowds and kill innocent people and blame Erdogan's foes as before.” #Turkey#Istanbul #TurkeyElections^^
    • Michael Rubin verified account@mrubin1971 21 Oct 2018 ’’Erdoğan promised to explain what happened to Khashoggi. I wonder if he will explain what really happened during the coup. For example, what was SADAT doing, or who actually killed civilians? “
    • Michael Rubin verified account@mrubin1971 28 Tem 2017 ‘’If retired, would Perincek disclose the murders committed by SADAT during the coup? Or is he making his own coup?”
    • Michael Rubin verified acoount@mrubin1971 26 Ara 2017 ‘’’Erdoğan should be honestly found about the guarantees given to civilians in the last Decree-Law out. As such, he is legalizing death teams and confirms that SADAT is a terrorist organization.
    • Michael Rubin verified account@mrubin1971 28 Mar 2017 ‘’The Revolutionary Guards of Receb; The bloody role of SADAT and his militia in the play 7/15’
    • Michael Rubin verified acoount@mrubin1971 11 Ağu 2017 ’’It was time to research/investigate the July 15 civilian killing about SADAT’

Tweets were posted, SADAT carried out illegal activities during and after the coup attempt of 15 July, and the government carried out its supposed dark actions through SADAT Company as he believed, and he published unacceptable tweets in the style of its transmission way, idea, and content that full of slanders and has nothing to do with the truth as creating an unfair public opinion against activities of the client company, SADAT that serve the interests of our country and the President.  The Honorable Court, you can access these publications at the address, and they are still available until now and there is a copy of them in the appendix.

       When these Tweets are examined; It seems clear that what was transferred is not based on concrete data, it is based on entirely wrong assumptions. None of the information transmitted to the public opinion regarding the clients is in the unconfirmed, unreal, or it is within the scope of "libel" and "insults".

5. The matter of request twitter account being public to everyone has a large number of followers because it is published in Turkish, and the twitches published by this person are used by many in all kinds of written and visual media. This situation results in irreparable damages to the client company, its business reputation, and its personal rights. Accordance with Article 9 of Law No. 5651 related to "Regulating Publications Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Publications", and to terminate these moral damages caused to the client due to these illegal posts,to terminate the moral damages of my client due to these illegal posts as soon as possible, found at the address this lawsuit was filed to determine the unlawfulness of the postings containing libel and insults that publicly infringe on personal rights, to remove the content from the post and to block access from search engines.
LEGAL REASONS: Law No. 5651, Provisions and Legislations of the Turkish Press Law and the Turkish Penal Code REQUEST AND CONCLUSION:

       As a result of an attack on the personal rights of the posts related to the client, SADAT, on the social media platform called TWİTTER, in the account ,

by installing it as illegal within the context of the reasons described above and other evidence that will be obtained during the investigation, I offer and demand by proxy the approval to delete the content from publication and block its access in search engines.


In website and in the article wrote by Can ATAKLI titled "The calmness of Imamoğlu hit the palace with the madness" in 11/04/2019; and another titled " Election's cheat was caught; What more you are waiting for?" in 06/11/2018; Where he used false statements and wrong expressions against my clients "SADAT International Defense Consulting, Construction, Inc." with intent to prove as if they are doing illegal works in front of the public opinion, in order to discredit the client in way contrary to the truth and unreal as an attack on personal rights in addition to distortion of their commercial reputation.

In this regard, writer Can ATAKLI in the news articles used ill-advised phrases that could not be understood by healthy minds after the results of  local elections on 31 March like "SADAT MILITANTS shot in the air in several places without no one cared" in the form of " A crowd of people are demonstrating in front of Meral AKŞENER's house". These people were really from MHP otherwise AKP's militias or SADAT's personnel?

In short, "SADAT International Defense Consulting, Construction, Inc "  that known as SADAT is established in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Law's provisions, it began to do its activities that were carried out in accordance with the law. Founders, partners, and employees respect the law and have immaculate history. They have no suspicious activity to be outside the law as legal persons or even as individuals. SADAT is devoid of any kind of ugly fabrications that are baseless.  All activities of the company are examined by all the units of the State within the scope of Turkish commercial Law and other legal legislations within laws scope, that is a commercial, legitimate, and transparent company, it also does not have any illegal, or secret or covered business.

For this reason, news articles published at sözcü contain offensive statements against my client without investigating the facts and indeed ignorant of the true data in this regard, within a conscious smear campaign. It also obvious that they have offensive, defamatory, lies, false content which are using to violate my client personal rights and to affect at the commercial reputation of their company. The client company was never a militia, armed force or armed personnel, as they had expressed in the articles.

Since its establishment in 2012, our company has unfortunately been dealing with similar slanders and smears. However in the same way, the Court's decision was confirmed that the content of perception management against the client company, which were used to allege that the company is carrying out many illegal activities, were mere illusions which none of them were be proven absolutely; and they never represent the reality. Even though SADAT has not opened any investigation regarding these allegations, there are still some untruthful reports on defamation in the same direction.

We allude to the public opinion with our all respect to not taking such news against the client company into consideration which are baseless of truth, and without investigating the facts; whereas this news reach to extent of lying and slandering to discredit the reputation of client company outside of truth that affect on their commercial reputation, honor and dignity.

SADAT International Defense Consulting, Construction, Inc.

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Michael Rubin officer of Pentagon (although he does not know) still continues to tweet about SADAT in Turkish.

Our company carries out a lot of strategic studies in order to achieve joint defense organization and defense industry production in Islamic countries in the international arena.

SADAT's strategic efforts which are not in line with the interests of countries, that allege dominate the world and carry out the task of international gendarmerie, such as United States of America. Instead of being directly hampered, they are distorting their reputation and showing that they are linked to terrorism.

We are participating in the Defense Industry Fair IDEF 2019, which will be held this year in its 14th edition, hosted by the Ministry of National Defense. The fair will be held at the Büyükçekmece/Istanbul TÜYAP Exhibition and Congress Center between 30 April and 3 May 2019. We are happy to see you among us.