Statement by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of RE'SEN the Pensioners Association (RE-DER) Servet Kahramaner about false news about SADAT Defense.

Statement by the Chairman of RE-DER Not False and Slander, Confirming Facts.

We would like to share the opinions of the Re'sen Pensioners' Association (REDER) on the news that was issued in the purpose to completely defame International Defense Consultancy (SADAT Defense) in some press organizations for some time.

As it is known, SADAT was founded by retired soldiers from the TAF, and its board of directors is chaired by the retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi, it is a legal company established under Turkish Trade Laws, this made us proud that the first Turkish company out of 70 companies that provide defense and consulting services all over the country.

During our visit to ASDER (Society of Justice Defenders) in the past months as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Re'sen the Retired Association (REDER), Mr. Tanrıverdi informed us about SADAT Defense and shared with us the details of the services that they will be doing. Our colleagues from the Turkish Armed Forces who retired or were deported at an early age for other reasons will transfer their knowledge and experience, and create job opportunities for these colleagues, through this increased our confidence that the SADAT defense will do the right job.

We were very disappointed about the news issued by some press organs since last week, which shows that the SADAT defense is a Gladio Center and that they have trained the Syrian opposition, even though it is a fully legal company. We condemn this false news that is contrary to reality. We also want to point out that those who caused these false reports have no connection to our association. We want it to be known that we will always be with SADAT Defense and ASDER Institution, which we know the purpose of their establishment, for those who are in joint work for those who have been dismissed from the TAF and are not able to obtain their rights.

Greetings and best regards.


Chairman of the Board of RE-DER

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