Public Opinion Announcement - August 14, 2017


Public Opinion Announcement

It is noteworthy that in recent days, the defamation and slander campaigns against our company, SADAT, have been resumed. The fact that these smear and slander campaigns were carried out in conjunction with each other, from outside and inside, before the July 15 coup attempt, clearly reveals the intent of the coup plotters that SADAT is among the units to be targeted after the planned coup. Thus, these criticisms were cut like a knife after the failure of the July 15 coup attempt. It was understood from the back that if the Coup Attempt had been successful, the coup plotters would have used SADAT as a cover for the massacres they would carry out afterward. Since they could not steal the minaret, they still had the cover in vain.

As of May, this year, they once again put SADAT in their mouths. With the warming of the weather, they tried to implement the "Arab Spring - Gezi Incident" scenarios in the squares, but they failed again. By their failure again to steal the minaret, the name of SADAT, which does not fall from their tongues, was put on the shelf until a new order came to them.

Why is SADAT targeted?

The human resource team of SADAT has consisted of highly qualified, well-equipped, and highly skilled people who retired from the Turkish Armed Forces. The West uses its personnel with these qualifications to do the dirty work in Africa, the Middle East, South America and even in their own countries. Equipped in all respects; Is it possible that they do not see SADAT as an obstacle to their own purpose with a human resource of national, moral, and human values?

The SADAT is a Consulting and Education company that is not afraid to disclose its mission and vision, has no hidden activity with high moral and ethical values but is established and strictly under international legislation and laws of the Republic of Turkey.

According to the laws, it has never established a camp or training places, and has tried to run consulting and training services in the facilities of the forces of countries (Friendly and Allied to the Republic of Turkey) at their request for services.

The United States – FETO – PDY terrorist organization, which was defeated on July 15 despite all these facts, was launched into the squares with bare hands against the harshest weapons of the noble children of this nation (planned and executed by NATO through terrorist group members placed in the state for many years by terrorist head Fetullah Gülen) they cannot believe that can take down the coup, and they think there's an organized s work behind it?

On the night of July 15, 249 sons of the people of this country who loved this country were martyred, and thousands were wounded by the hands of Fethullah Gülen and his supporters with blood on their hands, and they shamelessly accused our pure and immaculate company and attributed the charges to it.

They thought that with the campaign of distortion and slander they would be able to reduce the punishment they would face in the July 15 case, as well as the false perception they created on the international scene that there is a military force behind our President of the Republic, all to make the Turkish Republic a target.

On this road, FETO terrorists even went to publish their slander against Turkey, our esteemed President, and SADAT, which they sent to Pentagon official Michael Rubin, in Turkish to bring more noise.

SADAT Does Not Have Armed or Unarmed Military Power!

  1. Our company is not a mercenary organization.
  2. It does not have any armed or unarmed military force.
  3. There are no weapons belonging to our company.
  4. Does not provide security and / or defense services.
  5. We did not have any training camp, facility, whatever you call or land that we can use for this purpose.
  6. There is No training has been provided to any civil or groups in Turkey or abroad.
  7. Our services include programs for the armies and police corps of friendly and allied countries of the Turkish Republic. We did not have any work except this.
  8. Our company did not take any action during the coup attempt on 15 July.
  9. Our company partners and staff showed civil resistance on the night of 15 July to defend and revive their homeland by acting fully individually, like every patriotic and honorable Turkish person and by acting with their own initiative and coup plotters.
  10. Our company considers all organizations such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, the PKK, PYD, Boko Haram, Popular Mobilization Forces etc. as Terrorist Organizations used by the same foreign puppeteer /s.

The main aim is the Republic of Turkey

Anyone who has a sound mind realizes that the main goal is the Turkish Republic ... Now, even the ordinary people on the street are aware of the game that is constantly playing from the judicial coup in Pakistan to the attempted military coup in Venezuela, from the Arab Spring to the Vigils of Democracy ...

Scenarios of transferring "democracy" to Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Iran and saving from the "dictator" Everyone knows that those scenarios constipated by NATO and USA are like (old Turkish cinema).

The re closure and the passing of the Republic of Turkey, which is firmly on the path to becoming a global actor, will not be overlooked by attacks aimed at disrupting its development. To pollutants its international image to transform the Republic of Turkey, which has achieved significant distances in Foreign Policy, Global Military operations, Defense Industry and Economics, and has achieved serious achievements, to the old Turkey again; the following lies have resorted:

  1. Being away from democracy,
  2. Slipping into dictatorship,
  3. Supporting Terrorism

The President of the Turkish Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the son of this noble nation, has become a target, because he cut through it an era and brought it to economic stability, and walked a good distance with it during the stage of the political and economic decline of European countries. And day after day, with steady steps, he walked towards independence.

The campaign to accuse Mr. Erdoğan with the dictatorship and support for terrorism cannot take a step tainted by slanders and defamation.

Why just SADAT?

SADAT was the first company established in 2012 to deliver Strategic Military Consulting and Special Military Training, but it is known that other companies were then established…

The establishing company (is a private company established by retired soldiers and with the approval of the General Staff, to provide advisory services to foreign armies in almost all fields, especially for special forces, special formations, airdrop forces and formations of underwater operations. Praise was published by a newspaper on 10/8/2014 (, and the same newspaper in 2012 was publishing about establishing SADAT as if it were a crime. (

Since SADAT is not the only military consulting and training company in Turkey, why only SADAT is being attacked! Is it because the SADAT mission interfered with the interests of the global powers and paved the way for Turkey in the field of Defense Industry?

Since SADAT is founded as a rival of more than 70 Defense Consulting companies operating in order to manage the Islamic geography of the United States and imperialist global powers, a campaign of attrition has been organized from beyond the ocean.

The establishment of many other Strategic Military Consulting and Special Military Training companies with moral and ethical values with SADAT-like missions and vision will increase Turkey's international effectiveness by multiply its effectiveness in the international arena exponentially.

We sincerely recommend that all our active, dynamic and patriotic colleagues who have retired from the Turkish Armed Forces present their experience as the most important export product of the Republic of Turkey to the armies and police forces of our country's friend and ally countries.

The freedom of the coyote is until the Lion stands up!

It is announced with respect to our very precious people

Board of Directors of SADAT International Defense Consulting Construction Industry and Trade Inc.

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