Denial Against Birgün Newspaper


Denial Against Birgün Newspaper

On 06/26/2017 an article was published in Birgün Newspaper, signed by Erk ACARER, full of lies from start to end. We have requested the publication of the text of the disclaimer below, by removing the article from publication.

The disclaimer text we requested to be published is:

On your website ( an article full of lies, with the signature of Erk ACARER, was published on 26.6.2017. The truth of what was written is:

SADAT's mission is that; Organization of the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces internationally, Strategic consultancy in the field of internal security and defense, providing services in the fields of internal security and military training and equipment, creating a defense and defense industry cooperation environment between Islamic Countries and to help the Islamic World take its rightful place among the World Superpowers as a self-sufficient military force.

SADAT's vision, is providing the organization of the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces to meet the most effective and modern needs by making threat evaluations based on the geopolitical situation of the countries where it serves, and in accordance with these evaluations.

All the statements we have made so far regarding the activities of our company consist of these, and the allegations in the article you have published are slanderous.

Our company operates according to the law, the founders, partners, and employees are all law-abiding and all have a clean past. There is no single suspicious activity to be illegal, even as a legal person or individuals.

Therefore, it will not hesitate to use its legal rights for the slander and lies contained in the article you have published.


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