July 15 did not succeed, what's next!

The coup that was arranged on July 15 but was thwarted by huge masses of heroic people who love their country, its first response is the organization of  FETO, that protected by the USA, it creates arguments to change the target with the claim that "there is insufficient evidence against it".

On March 12, 2016, an article entitled “Can a Coup in Turkey Happen”[1] was published by Michael Rubin[2],a Pentagon official, and for several weeks ago he was talking about our company and its founding president, Senior Advisor to the President of the Republic, Retired General, Adnan Tanrıverdi.

The Pentagon official Rubin also counts Turkey in his article "Ten countries where stability cannot be guaranteed”[3] written on 19 October 2016.He claims Perinçek is the minister of shadow defense and asks whether Adnan Tanrıverdi will remain loyal to Perinçek in the bloodshed next time. For years, the Perinçek group has written and drawn against Erdoğan, the government, Adnan Tanrıverdi and SADAT. You can access our public explanations about all this fake news on our website.[4]In fact, Oda TV and Ulusal Kanal were the inspiration for Rubin through anti-SADAT writings.

In his article on October 25, 2016, titled “12 Questions Turkish Journalists cannot ask”[5] he wrote that there are questions about Sadat creating a secret army similar to the Islamic Union of Revolution Guards. This slander was previously published in the local press on Ulusal Kanal, FETO's social media accounts, and the Cumhuriyet Newspaper.

In his article full of lies, entitled “Erdoğan is preparing for a blood bath”[6]

on October 31, 2016, he wrote as follows: "There is no evidence other than the forced confessions from the Gülenist putschists, whom Erdoğan's media blamed for the killing of many civilians, and it has been revealed that SADAT is responsible for the deaths.”

After the failure of the CIA operations in Turkey, it tried to change course from the target, cover the failures of the Pentagon, and change the statements of our consultant Professor Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, one of the rare scientists in our country, by throwing lies at the SADAT Defense Company and its founder, Retired General Adnan Tanrıverdi.

On October 31, with Michael Rubin writing the title "Turkey will turn into a Lake of blood," he said, "SADAT militias killed the majority of civilians on July 15," because he did not understand the popular will, resistance, and strength in the face of the coup attempt, and that the source of this power is The moral substance and the people's support for the President of the Republic; by this, he confirmed that he was a spokesman for the center that controls FETO and that it houses it on its land, and through the SADAT Defense Company, he uses black propaganda tools against our state and the President of our Republic.

As we have already shared with the public opinion many times, SADAT has never had an armed force. SADAT Defense is a company established to provide defense consulting and training to special forces.

However, it has not given any training until today.

Based on the false campaigns against SADAT Defense Company, which acts with a patriotic motive, we clarified on our websites and we present them to our state officials, our shareholders, ASDER's members, and our followers, our dear nation, and to every citizen who is interested in negative-positive facts about SADAT.






It will not be possible for the slanders of domestic and foreign powers to stain SADAT's immaculate work. Those who are attacking SADAT to fulfill their ambitions in Turkey, we will continue to fight them legally as we did.

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