The news that was published in Yeni Akit Newspaper about SADAT Defense

USA is exploiting through education

Retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi has seen imperialist exploitation by Western defense consultants in Islamic countries and has compelled him to do so and has now established a defense consultancy company under the name of the International Defense Consultancy (SADAT). This company, which will be for the benefit of our country and the Islamic world, will in a way prevent Western companies from running in the empty field as they wish. Those who are disturbed by this issue are trying to discredit this company and try to prevent our country from developing. We talked to SADAT Chairman Adnan Tanrıverdi about his company, goals, and the attacks they have suffered ...

¥ When did the International Defense Consultancy (SADAT) started to operate?

- Our company contract was published in the Commercial Registry newspaper on February 28, 2012. At the stage of the preparation of our company's contract, it was necessary to obtain permission from the Ministry of National Defense since this job was a job of the Turkish Armed Forces. We have handed over the contract of our company and the documents in which the activities of our company are described in the contract to the Ministry of National Defense. We were told by the ministry that ‘we have to fulfill some conditions.’ We completed the necessary procedures in June. We will provide active service after the approval of the Ministry.

¥ What is SADAT, what kind of activities will it carry out?

- SADAT is the International Defense Consulting Construction Industry and Trade Anonymous Company. The field of our company’s activity is to provide consultancy on organizing the official armed forces of foreign countries, to provide the training they need in the various departments of those armed forces, and to mediate in the supply of defense industries products necessary for the armed forces of those countries.

¥ Why was SADAT founded? Was it a deficiency that there was no such company in our country?

- After the Second World War, nearly 60 Islamic countries were established or acquired their independence. So, these are young countries. The experience of countries with a long tradition was needed for the organization of the Armed Forces. Today, the Western has more than 70 private defense consultancy companies, of which more than 20 operate in the Islamic country. Private defense consultancy companies are also conducting their activities, using their countries both in line with their own country's policies and as their own country's market for defense industry products. The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have a long tradition in discipline, education, and combat readiness. Today, regimes are changing in some Islamic countries. With the changes of these regimes, the countries' armed forces are also disappearing. They will therefore need countries with experience to rebuild their armed forces. And they will again fall in the trap of Western countries' private consulting companies.

So at SADAT, we will be working to minimize the defense arguments of Islamic countries, to put Islamic countries on their own feet, to use their own means and to establish a defense industry co-operation environment between Islamic countries. We will operate in these areas and be an intermediary of the military counseling required by Islamic countries, the training of military departments and the supply of the materials required to them. We realize that this is the issue of the mission and responsibility of retired soldiers in Turkey.

¥ How did the idea of establishing SADAT appear for the first time?

- In 1996 we went to Bosnia with 10 generals from Ankara. Lieutenant General Çetin Doğan, who was in Silivri Prison as part of the Balyoz Coup plan in route to Bosnia, was the head of the group. While Çetin Doğan is on his way, the American MPRI defense consulting company appeals to Aliya İzzetbegoviç for the training of the Bosnian army. İzzetbegoviç wants Turkey's approval. The company has applied to TAF in this regard and wants to hire an active-duty officer within their company. When I asked the TAF what he would do, they said no need to do something, it would be enough to just be inside their company. Then, an active-duty officer is given. The company trains the Bosnian military and supplies defense industry products. At the end of our journey, when we arrived in Bosnia, I found that despite the country was with forest-covered and mountainous terrain, it was transformed into a structure dominated by armored units and tanks by the American company. However, the Bosnian army had to consist of troops capable of conducting commando and flying battlefield operations. I realized that the American company was doing business in the interests of America and sold arms to the army, as the cost of establishing these units would be less. Western countries are using countries such as Bosnia in line with their own political goals.

¥ For example, for what kind of target do they use?

- Western countries rely on it primarily for defense industries and can market defense industry products there. Second, it also has an impact on its own and foreign policy as it provides training for the armed forces of such countries. This means, it can direct this country in the direction of its own national interests. If it cannot direct, it prevents it from using its armed forces effectively. Either the equipment is deficient, the maintenance of this equipment is lacking, or ammunition is missing ... In some way, the country is unwillingly engaged in Western countries' command because it depends on it. This is a very important event.

¥ How many private defense companies are there in the world?

- There are 70 we can detect. In Turkey, we are the first and only one. Most of these companies are in America. It is also available in other Western countries outside of America.

¥ Are these companies legal?

- These companies are completely legal. When such a company is established, the places it deals with are the legitimate armed forces of a legitimate state. You are contracting and servicing the countries in need, selling defense industry products, or being the intermediary. Therefore, you are doing such activities from the government to the official state. Today, the Turkish Armed Forces are assisting 27 Turkish or Islamic countries with historical ties in the past. The military personnel of these countries are trained here or in their own country. There are also places where the TAF cannot afford. There are also countries where the state's official power fails or has not been able to deal with it. Now, due to Turkey does not interested, these places remain empty? No. These fields are filled in by others. As retired soldiers trained by the TAF, we should also provide this service to people.

¥ With the opening of this company, is there a possibility to open an era in our country?

- Of course there is ... This system is being implemented around the world today. In this regard, there are those who say what the West says? What does America say? To say whoever, say. This is a service area and if Turkey is an initiative to support its foreign policy and support its national goals, such companies should be increased. These companies need to pave the way.

¥ What type of training do you provide as SADAT?

-We are providing regular and non-regular training. We are providing leadership training for officers and non-commissioned officers in the country we contract. We have a variety of trainings, such as how weapons are used, orders, judgment, referral, administration, and so on. As our informal trainings, we have trainings such as rescue and abduction. All such training is a legitimate, legal defense system under both domestic law, international law, and war law.

¥ Who lectures the trainings?

- Retired officers and non-commissioned officers. When we contract with a country, we will organize officers and non-commissioned officers who are experts on these issues.

¥ Is there any other general?

- We have a few other general friends besides me. They will serve as advisors. They will not actively work on training.

¥ Did you start trainings?

- No.....

¥ What way will be taken by those who wish to get training from you? Can individuals get training?

No, individuals cannot. Countries must submit an official application. As SADAT, we will be announcing ourselves on our website and at defense industry fairs. We will introduce ourselves by explaining what we can do by making direct contacts with those countries that need. The institutions we contact are the official bodies of the countries' official armed forces.

¥ Can you give an example?

For example, we will meet with the President, the Minister of Defense or the Chief of the General Staff in Tunisia or Libya ... with person who is official authorized in that country. Or if countries make tenders for education and defense industry products, we can participate in these tenders. We do all this with the knowledge and approval of the Ministry of National Defense in our country.

¥ Is there a place you gave training in Turkey?

- Not yet. After meeting with the Ministry of National Defense and obtaining the necessary documents, we can open such places.


¥ What would you say to Aydınlık newspaper's claims about you?

- The news in Aydınlık newspaper has nothing to do with the truth. They wrote that we trained the opposition in Syria. It is pure fiction. We have not become active on this issue ... 'Do you provide the aid that comes from the Gulf states to the Syrian opposition?’ they say... Lie completely. Some used the Aydınlık newspaper to shut down this service, which is important for Turkey's development. The business we do is a business in the interest of our country, which will be the benefit of the Islamic world... People who love their country encourage such formations ... Some reporters of Aydınlık are in contact with the Syrian regime, and they have relations with France. They do not want Islamic countries to move together ... Those with ideas that cannot assimilate Turkey's leadership of those Islamic countries want to cut off our service way. We are meeting with our lawyers about the news of Aydınlık. We will take legal action.

Hüseyin Kulaoğlu / Yeni Akit

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