Criminal Complaint Against Organized Crime Group

  1. Organized Crime Group Leader Sedat Peker, in a video he published; He confessed that he brought weapons under the name of aid to the Syrian Turkmens and that the aid he brought (!) was delivered to the Al-Nusra.
  2. In the same video, he confessed that he had committed a crime by admitting that he knew he had dispatched weapon.
  3. In the aforementioned video, he also claims that the weapons were given to him by members of SADAT!.
  4. While an unfounded (without evidence) claim does not go beyond just defamation, it is clear that some purposeful parties are pursuing the dream of leveling up the smear campaign that has been carried out against our company since 2012, by relying on a crime group leader.
  5. We expressly state on our website that we will operate in all matters within our ability to execute, which are registered in the Trade Registry Gazette, which is clearly stated in the Company's articles of association with the establishment of our company and which does not contradict the laws of the Republic of Turkey and international legislation (also, it is 100% compatible with laws).
  6. In the fields that we publish and declare to operate with all clarity in our trade registry gazette and website, and other than that, it is not possible for our Company to work and cooperate with non-state actors.
  7. And yet, against a criminal group leader who was abroad as an outlaw, defaming our company with unfounded allegations and trying to be associated with this outlaw, with whom we have not had any contact until today; as always, to file a criminal complaint to investigate Sedat Peker's allegations in order to call for the esteemed prosecutors to duty.
  8. Thus, it will be clarified by law whether SADAT Defense or some members of SADAT committed any crime or not.
  9. Our law firm has applied to the prosecutor's office with the following criminal complaint.




2- Adnan TANRIVERDİ   


SUSPECT                 :  Sedat PEKER

ADDRESS                 : FUGITIVE                            

SUBJECT                  : On the submission of our complaint.

DATE OF CRIME     : May 5, 2021 and after  


1- Sedat PEKER, who is reported to be fugitive and who we believe is trying to be acquitted by misleading targets and/or threatening some people with his statements, which he claimed to be a fugitive, was shared a video on YouTube channel on 30.05.2021 and is known to the public; it is thought that by targeting the clients, Peker made slander, defamation and accusations aimed at making the state institutions, authorities, and officials, in the eyes of the national and international public, he is trying to portraying them as criminals. In the subject video; it has been claimed that the client SADAT INTERNATIONAL DEFENSE CONSULTANCY CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. and its managers sent weapons and vehicles to the terrorist organization Al-Nusra. With the video posted with the link of "", My clients “SADAT International Defense Consultancy Construction Industry and Trade Inc.” are accused of slander, defamation, criminality, violation of personal data, insulting individuals and institutions, and unjustified statements and determinations aimed at making it look as if they are doing illegal work in the eyes of the public, in a manner that is untrue, an attack on personal rights, damaging to their commercial reputation, incompatible with the facts, in the eyes of the public, in a way that implicates all company partners, especially Adnan TANRIVERDİ.

2- When the said video is examined; the person, who was learned through the press that he had search and seizure warrant from many criminal files, appears to have made posts in an effort to find a partner in the crimes he confessed to in order to avoid certain charges and legal proceedings against him. Sedat Peker, who is stated to be the Leader of the Organized Crime Group, in the video he published on his social media account; he declared that he was ‘arms trafficking’ under the mask of “delivering humanitarian aid to the Syrian Turkmens”. We think that Peker, who is on trial in Turkey, while confessing his crimes in order to acquit himself, on the other hand, he acts with the logic of "throw dirt enough, and some will stick" by mentioning many people in order to misdirect the public. Selling weapons to terrorist groups in Syria, which he confessed to doing, by targeting the official institution of the Republic of Turkey, the National Intelligence Organization, our distinguished company SADAT Inc. and some bureaucrats and officials, and shows an effort to show its clients as partners in its work in order to mislead people due to the crimes he allegedly committed. The client company has no relationship with the weapons delivered by Peker to terrorist groups. SADAT Inc. has not had any training, equipment, consultancy and/or similar work with any group in Syria (as slandered).

When the whole of this video and previous videos with similar content are evaluated together, this person, who is a slanderer, can make my clients and the Republic of Turkey guilty before international law and public opinion, as the acts that are the subject of slander are made in line with the knowledge and demand of the Ministers of State, institutions and the Presidency, that is, the state itself; Insulting, which does not coincide with our national interests, none of them has a foundation, which we think is an attack on personal rights, which is unrealistic, as if to help the national and international evil forces targeting our country, and which shows the clients and the people and institutions that they accuse as targets to the society and the public, has made determinations, accusations and statements with the content of slander, defamation and accusation, violating personal data, targeting state officials and state institutions and bodies, and in this way, deliberately and consciously, forming a false perception, since the necessary legal action should be taken against this person, it became necessary to apply to your office after the incidents.

3-SADAT International Defense Consultancy Construction Industry and Trade Inc.”, known as SADAT Inc. in short; It is a company established and operating in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code and operates in accordance with the laws. Especially Adnan TANRIVERDİ, its founders, partners and employees are people who respect the law and whose past is full of successes. As a legal entity or individuals, they do not have any single suspicious activity, let alone being illegal. SADAT Inc. is a legal company that operates commercially, free from all kinds of malicious and unfounded accusations. All activities of the client company are examined by all units of the state within the scope of the law, within the framework of the Turkish Commercial Code and other legal regulations, and it is a legitimate, transparent, non-confidential commercial organization with no unlawful actions.

4- Client SADAT Inc. is a business enterprise established to provide services to the official and legal Armed Forces and Police Forces of friendly and allied countries to the Republic of Turkey, in accordance with national and international laws. SADAT Inc. does not provide services to any group, organization or community not at any price.  Since its establishment, SADAT Inc. has been openly and transparently expressing what it does through its website. SADAT Inc. provides services in the fields of strategic consultancy, special defense and security trainings and equipment for the purpose of organization of the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces in the international arena within the request and knowledge of the official and legal state administration in the countries in foreign countries, and to create an environment of defense and defense industry cooperation between Islamic Countries and helping the Islamic World take the place where it merits among the Super Powers as a self-sufficient military power. ( It acts with the vision of ensuring the organization of the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces in a way that will meet the most effective and modern needs in order to provide the country's defense and internal security in the light of this assessment, by making threat assessments in accordance with the geopolitical situation for the countries it serves. ( 

It is very natural that a company that makes extraordinary efforts to provide services in accordance with national and international law to its target audience in foreign countries by operating all these processes will contribute to the goals of the Republic of Turkey, which is moving from being a regional power to being a global power, and because of these efforts, it is very natural to be seen as a rival and targeted by international powers. Our company has set out with the awareness of this fact and carries out its activities in accordance with national and international law with this awareness. Our client, like foreign companies operating abroad, operating on the same issues as SADAT Inc., operates on a legal basis in the company, and due to this activity, he has become the target of foreign companies, individuals and groups working against our country. 

Therefore, it is normal for rival companies and international powers engaged in similar activities abroad to wear down SADAT Inc. by creating false misconceptions. In order to achieve these goals, these companies and international powers mobilize non-domestic and non-national elements in our country and carry out smear campaigns as Sedat PEKER has been doing for years as if they were serving their malicious purposes.    These are deliberate and intentional attacks against our country through SADAT, and it is necessary to see who gave the order for these attacks. These unfounded attacks are carried out regularly by the enemies of our country abroad and by their collaborators in our country, who are not known to be connected to whom. Due to these attacks, SADAT Inc. has difficulty in operating in accordance with the purpose of its establishment.

As claimed by Sedat PEKER, who is still known to be abroad, the client company SADAT Inc. and its managers do not provide services to any individual, institution, organization, etc., anywhere in the world, except the official armed forces and interior security units, let alone sending weapons to terrorist groups in Syria.

5- For this reason, without prejudice to our rights regarding our lawsuit and compensation claims arising from private law, against Sedat PEKER due to unlawful, untrue slander and accusations about our clients, the offenses of slander, insult and crime, violation of personal data of the Turkish Penal Code, in particular. This criminal complaint has been filed in order to ensure that legal action is taken in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

CONCLUSION AND REQUEST  : In view of the reasons presented and explained above and other evidence to be obtained during the investigation;

1- Ensuring that the suspect is PUNISHED by conducting an investigation in accordance with the relevant articles of the Turkish Penal Code,

2- Giving an injunction to prevent the illegal broadcasting from being accessed on the internet,

3- In the event that a lawsuit is filed by your authority, I respectfully request that we are to be informed of the result in order to enable us to participate as an intervening party, that the necessary performance is fulfilled and that other matters related to legal proceedings are taken by proxy. June 3, 2021

Attorney for the Complainants  ...............

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