The news that was published in Yeni Şafak Newspaper about SADAT Defense

Irregular Warfare Training is just fiction


SADAT International Defense Consulting Company, Turkey's first company to consult in the field of defense, denied the claim that Syrian dissidents have been given irregular war training in the Aydınlık Newspaper. The chairman of the SADAT Board, retired General Adnan Tanrıverdi, stated in his statement that the company is awaiting approval from the Ministry of National Defense to start its activities effectively, and said, "Turkish Armed Forces have been transferring military knowledge to Turkish and Muslim countries for years. We are also in the goal of providing International Defense Consulting services to neighboring countries that need defense training where TAF cannot reach them. However, we are awaiting the approval of the Ministry of Defense in order to start our activities effectively. He said, "That is why the claims about our company in irregular warfare training to the Syrian opposition are just fiction.”


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