We made an application to stop access and denial the news titled "Erdoğan is trying to do this for the Turkish army with SADAT" published by Oda TV. The court saw in situ our request to stop access, as the news contained insults and violations of personal rights.

We announce to the public opinion with respect.

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Adnan Tanrıverdi Habertürk Röportajı

Founder of Sadat and Chief Advisor to the Presidency, Adnan Tanrıverdi, responded to the allegations about SADAT, by Kübra Par's news in Habertürk Newspaper.

Serious allegations were surfaced against the International Defense Consultancy company (SADAT), form a long while. Some suggest that the AK Party has paramilitary power; some say "armed civilians clashed with the military on the evening of 15 July were their ones", some "Decree Law, that brings judicial exemption to civilians was issued for SADAT", and some say "opposition groups in Syria are trained by SADAT, and even they themselves are fighting there". To ask about all these allegations, I met with Mr. Adnan Tanrıverdi, founder of SADAT and Chief Presidential adviser, at SADAT's headquarters in Beylikdüzü. Mr.Tanrıverdi denied the allegations of militia power. The Ideals were to offer military consultancy services to the official armies of Islamic countries, as provided by US companies, but they currently only served with 7 employees in one country. He says that there is not any activity in Turkey. He also clearly opposes the formations such as the People's Special Operations...