The TAF can provide all kinds of support to their allies !

 We also present the following message to the public opinion as a response to questions posed to our company by Egyptian journalist  (عبد الستار حتيتة) Abdulsettar Hetita.

Dear Hetita,

SADAT's mission is organizing of the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces internationally, providing strategic consultancy in the field of internal security and defense, serving in the fields of internal security, military training and equipment, creating a defense and defense industry cooperation environment between Islamic Countries and helping the Islamic World to take its rightful place among the World Superpowers as a self-sufficient military force. [i]

SADAT'svision, is providing the organization of the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces to meet the most effective and modern needs by making threat evaluations based on the geopolitical situation of the countries where it serves, and in accordance with these evaluations. [ii]

SADAT's client’s portfolio includes friendly and allied countries of Turkey as well as Egypt there is also Libya. In 2013 we produced several projects for Libyan Armed Forces based on their demands. [iii] İOur work was interrupted with the start of terrorist acts by the rebel general, Haftar. We hope to continue our projects from where we left off after Libya obtains its stability.


As for your questions, first of all I would like to declare that;

SADAT’ın Does Not Have Armed or Unarmed Military Power! [iv]

  1. Our company is not a mercenary organization.
  2. It does not have any armed or unarmed military force.
  3. There are no weapons belonging to our company.
  4. Does not provide security and / or defense services.
  5. We did not have any training camp, facility, whatever you call or land that we can use for this purpose.
  6. There is No training has been provided to any civil or groups in Turkey or abroad.
  7. Our services include programs for the armies and police corps of friendly and allied countries of the Turkish Republic. We did not have any work except this.
  8. Our company considers all organizations such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, the PKK, PYD, Boko Haram, Popular Mobilization Forces etc. as Terrorist Organizations used by the same foreign puppeteer /s.

Libya is a friendly and ally country with the Republic of Turkey. Nothing is more natural than strengthening their friendship and cooperation with the agreements that signed by the two allied countries. As is well known, shortly before, by the Libyan government requesting assistance from The Republic of Turkey against the rebel groups under the leadership of General Haftar, who is conducting terrorist activities against our Libyan brothers on Libyan soil. The Government of the Turkish Republic, in response to these demands, decided to provide training support to the Armed Forces under of the Libyan government by sending the Turkish armed forces to Libya.

Looking at the questions you ask, it is understood that you do not know the Turkish Armed Forces. In fact, if you had not only known about the Turkish Armed Forces, I would also like to help you get to know them. But I see that you do not know the Government of the Turkish Republic and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in addition to that you do not know the Turkish Republic really.

Famous scientist Albert Einstein said: "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them” I recommend you change your thinking paradigm.

Egypt also needs Turkey's friendship; I hope that you will realize that one day.

We hope that you show the Arab public opinion the real picture of our company.

Chairman of Board of Directors



Hetite'nin mesajının tercümesi;
Ben Libya meselelerinde uzman gazeteci ve TV yorumcusu Abdülsettar Hatite.
Eski bir NATO yetkilisine şirketinizi sordum bana şirketinizin; Askeri güvenlik şirketi olduğu, eğitim yaptığı, Libya'ya askeri donanım ve yabancı savaşçı taşıdığını söyledi.
Sorularımı e-postayla yanıtlayarak, şirketin kurucusu ve başkanı Sayın Adnan Tanrıverdi'nin Türkiye'deki iktidar partisine (Adalet ve Kalkınma) yakın olduğunu ve aynı zamanda Türkiye Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'a danışman olarak çalıştığını söyledi.
Bu doğru mu?
Ayrıca şirketinizi Libya Ulusal Mutabakat Hükümetinde bir yetkiliye sordum; Ulusal Mutabakat Hükümeti ile yapılan sözleşmelere dayanarak şirketinizin askeri eğitim ve savaş teçhizatı sağlanması alanında hükümetle işbirliği yaptığınızı söyledi.
Bu doğru mu?
Ayrıca, şirketin Libya'daki Ulusal Mutabakat Hükümetini eğitmek ve desteklemek açısından yaptığı en önemli işleri öğrenmekten de mutluluk duyacağımı ifade ederim.
Arap kamuoyuna şirketinizin gerçek resmini sunabilmem için cevabınızı rica ediyorum.
İçten selam ve saygılarımla.
Abdülsettar Hatite 
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