Rubin Continues To Slanders

Michael Rubin officer of Pentagon (although he does not know) still continues to tweet about SADAT in Turkish.

Our company carries out a lot of strategic studies in order to achieve joint defense organization and defense industry production in Islamic countries in the international arena.

SADAT's strategic efforts which are not in line with the interests of countries, that allege dominate the world and carry out the task of international gendarmerie, such as United States of America. Instead of being directly hampered, they are distorting their reputation and showing that they are linked to terrorism.

 It is obvious that Michael Rubin's work is not an individual effort, but is carried out in one hand by his directors, who used the FETÖ also.

SADAT Inc. repeatedly declares that;

1. Our services are specialized for Armed Forces and Police Formations of Islamic countries.

2. We don't have any contact with any popular movement, mafia organization, gang, and terrorist organization or militia forces and will not ever have.

3. Our employees have not been involved in any crime, including ordinary crimes.

4. Our company did not have any planned work during the coup attempt; in July 15, 2016 by FATÖ/PDY. SADAT staff, like every patriotic Turkish person (and without any weapons), went to squares following a call made by the President of Turkey on television. At the exit to the squares, the personnel did not coordinate with each other and acted completely individually.

5. There have never been works carried out by SADAT in Turkey or in another country during any election process.

With Our All Respect to the Public Opinion.

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