The Announcement to Public Opinion on the Slander Campaign published in the Ulusal Channel and Aydınlık Newspaper

The Announcement to Public Opinion on the Slander Campaign published in the Ulusal Channel [1] and Aydınlık Newspaper[2] 

According to a report published on Ulusal Channel and Aydinlik Newspaper on July 8, 2014.

"The defense company SADAT, founded by soldiers expelled from the Turkish Army due to their reactionaries, also came up with an interesting proclamation.

In the announcement on the SADAT website, "We are looking for a technician who speaks Arabic to repair Russian tank and Jeep Hummer". In the announcement was stated, technicians will work on repairs and renovations in friendly and allied countries.

It is striking that Russian tanks and Hummer vehicles are used by the military in Syria and Iraq. ISIS terrorists have recently made a show with Russian tanks they had captured in Syria.

The interesting job advertisement has raised the question "Is SADAT working for ISIS".

SADAT company's interest in the conflicts in Iraq and Syria is not limited to that. It was revealed that one of the advisors of SADAT, retired tank major Mustafa Bozgeyik, was killed in the clashes in the city of Aleppo, Syria in March 2014".

  1. With these statements,
    1. We have just launched the tech announcement on our website and our Face book channel in May 2013 showing as if it was being published
    2. Although the project [4] we carried out for the repair of the brand's 6000 American-made Humvee (military version of Hummers) jeeps used by Saudi Arabia, it creates the perception that these vehicles are used only in Iraq and Syria.
    3. The work of the project that we undertook to maintain and repair about 2000 Russian tanks destroyed during the Libyan revolution, created the perception that Russian tanks were only used by Iraq and Syria in the world.
    4. Although our announcement states that "friendly and allied countries" will be held, and there is no Karina to associate ISIS terrorists, it is suggested that the question "working with ISIS" is remembered by slandering it.

It is clear that the slander contained in the form of “question comes to minds” is completely imaginary, which is clearly made for defamation purposes.

On the mission of the terrorist organization ISIS: It was announced that the war with Turkey is part of the Crusaders, and it is known that our company adheres to the standards of "friendly and allied countries", so it is unacceptable to try to link our company to work with any terrorist organization.

  1. The report also included a lie in which our advisers, Mustafa Bozgeyik, were killed in Aleppo in March 2014. Mr. Mustafa Bozciyek was not present in any way in Syria, and he is alive, well, and in good health, despite all of this it is not possible to understand the rudeness that led to the signing of such a lie.
  2. Although our company has not done anything to this day related to Syria or Iraq, Ulusal Channel and the Aydınlık Newspaper have continuously broadcast inaccurate allegations and false news against our company since 2012 to justify their Syrian and Iraqi policies.
  3. Working with devotion to provide defense industry and defense co-operation services for friendly and allied countries, our Company aims to consolidate Turkey's leading and leading role in the region and contribute to the recovery of the west from exploitation, while the aforementioned press publications are disturbed by Turkey's first and only Defense Advisory company, It is clear that our company is in the interest of competing companies and countries with ambitions over the region that are uncomfortable with their work in friendly and allied countries and that they are against the interests of Turkey.
  4. The entry sentence of the news; by the expression "founded by soldiers expelled from the army" aims to insult the founders of our company and falsify their truth. Some of the founders of our company (among the founders of the company are retired from the Turkish Armed Forces) have their duties in the army terminated unlawfully, only because they pray or because of their wives' veil, and even though none of them has committed even one sin only because they are Muslims and despite their performance of their duties With full honor and pride within the Turkish Armed Forces, and those who carried out this illegal operation, as is known, are now on trial in the February 28 case.
  5. The case against media organs that have made several libel publications about our company since its establishment has resulted in the conviction of our Company. For this publication also, we announce to the public opinion that we will use our legal rights.

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