Press Release regarding news sourced from Agence France Presse - AFP

SADAT Defense is a private company that provides strategic consultancy, special training and logistics services to the armed forces and internal security organizations of states. The equivalent of the activities carried out by SADAT Defense in the classical labour market; It falls within the scope of strategic management consultancy, reorganization, rehabilitation, modernization and special training services for institutional capacity increase.

SADAT Defense contributes to guaranteeing a peaceful environment by rebuilding the capacity of states in the field of defense and security with effective and strategic planning, serving to fully utilize the existing military capacity and increasing the capacity within the possibilities, and carries out engineering studies that will play a deterrent role in war.

With over 12 years of experience, SADAT Defense has been able to carry out individual projects in its service areas as well as creating turnkey integrated solution packages. Main examples of these turnkey solution packages are; Military Standardization and Metrology Centers Solution Package, Integrated Border Security Solution Package, Turnkey Special Forces Solution Package. Each of these studies, which can be expressed in a few words, are extensive and comprehensive studies that last for years and are activities that will ensure the guarantee of a peaceful environment and improve deterrent defense capacity. The purpose behind the dissemination of lies, aiming to ignore the valuable work conducted by Sadat Defense and its impact, is well known to those who possess understanding.

Defining SADAT Defense as a war company is in stark contrast to the company's scope of activity. We find this insistent definition to be intentional. SADAT Defense is not located in conflict zones.

In the news circulated by some local media organizations as well as global media outlets aiming to denigrate Turkey and our Company by citing the French news agency AFP, the responsibility of providing accurate information to the public within the scope of the ethical rules of journalism and the obligation to research has been disregarded, and it has no relevance to SADAT Defense. Another terrible slander has been made. Unfortunately, some malicious media organizations aimed to create a negative perception about SADAT Defense among the readership with clickbait journalism, instead of investigative reporting containing accurate and real information.

In related news, serious and unrealistic accusations were levelled against SADAT Defense. The claim that SADAT Defense sent Syrian mercenaries to Niger has absolutely nothing to do with reality. SADAT Defense has not carried out any activities regarding Syria and/or Niger to date. SADAT Defense is not a paramilitary organization. It is also seen in the news that efforts are being made to create the impression that SADAT Defense is working under the command of the Turkish State in Niger. Although SADAT Defense is an independent, commercial company, it has not sold any services to the Republic of Turkey as a main or subcontractor (since the State of the Republic of Turkey does not need it due to its advanced defense and security system).

The contributions of Turks to Humanity and World Peace throughout history play the main determining role in the mission and vision of SADAT Defense, as in Turkish Foreign Policy today.

Therefore, slanderous claims that are not based on evidence are invalid no matter how you look at it.

Publications that provoke public opinion and attack SADAT Defense on various platforms at every opportunity through perception games should not be respected. To date, we have given those who targeted our company with false accusations the opportunity to prove their claims before the Court by filing Non-Pecuniary Damages Cases in civil courts. However, we see that to date, none of our interlocutors have been able to provide a single piece of evidence to prove their unfounded claims. We would like to inform the public that we will not allow the black propaganda that is being made about us and that we will continue our work with determination.

It is respectfully announced to the public. 17/05/2024


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