Syria Should Be Responded with the Same (June 24, 2012)


Syria dropped a Turkish Air Force RF-4E Exploratory aircraft 13 miles from Latakia on the date 2012 June 22, claiming it violated the Territorial waters. In the statement made by the Syrian Ministry of Defense;


It was confirmed that "An aircraft was seen penetrating the Syrian border by about 1 km and that the plane flying at a low altitude in the territorial waters penetrated the borders, and as a result of the bombing from anti-aircraft batteries, the plane was located at a distance of approximately 10 nautical miles and that after hitting the target it was observed, it is a Turkish plane, and they participated with Turkey in the search for pilots”1.

"Our plane was dropped as unarmed and 13 miles from the Syrian coast, outside the Syrian Territory, when we were conducting an intended test flight to try our radar system," Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu said in a statement to the press on 24 June 2012.

Although the statement made by Syria seems innocent, the shooting down of our plane is a pr-calculated and planned hostile act.

 It is desperate for Turkey.

If Syria does not accept compensation for the material and moral damage that Turkey will determine with an apology, then the reciprocal response must be made.


The shooting down of a Turkish plane in international waters without hostile action should not be left nonrespondent

Will be the path. When the sorry is said, what they did remains an asset We also stay alone with our losses.

Such matters should be resolved, with the same response, immediately.

Our armed forces must be constantly ready for retaliation.

In the current situation, once our plane crashes, at least the anti-aircraft systems that brought it down should be bombed from the air. If they did not deserve such revenge, we should have been the ones to apologize.

We are waiting for a response that is like the action taken.

A three-day period should be given for apology and compensation. If not accepted, then the air defense systems that shot down our plane should be destroyed, and thus we have shown the opponent how to penetrate the territorial waters and how to shoot down an unarmed Turkish plane.

Not enough ..!

Syria should be declared a terrorist state.

The Syrian opposition must be given a diplomatic mission.

Opposition parties outside of Syria should be addressed, on behalf of Syria.

In addition, a diplomatic mission must be given to the "Free Syrian Army Command" outside Syria, and they should be allowed to leave the refugee camp and establish headquarters for themselves in the area they want in our areas. The military and civilian individuals who will consider themselves appropriate should be given access to the diplomatic TR Passport and should be allowed to call domestic and foreign contacts.

Bilateral agreements must be made with both the "Syrian National Council" and the armed forces of this council, the "Free Syrian Army Command".

The National Council, which is made up of representatives of the fighting opposition inside Syria, should help consolidate unity in the opposition, effectively organize and fight the Free Army, and protect private initiatives in this regard.

Except for retaliation, Turkey should not expand the military area openly, but it should be able to support the opposition in a clear and indirect manner, making it more effective and making an earlier outcome. June 24, 2012

Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired Brigadier General

Chairman of the Board of Directors of SADAT Defense