Israel directed a harsh response against the announcement of the postponement of the International Section of the "Anatolian Eagle 2009/3" exercises, which was scheduled to take place from 10 to 23 October 2009, and the presence of scenes related to the massacre and inhuman acts carried out by the Israeli soldiers in Palestine, in the series "Separation" published by TRT 1.


ABD Devlet Başkanı, Barac Hüseyin Obama, Türkiye'yi ziyaret etti. Bu ziyaret farklı bakış açıları ile farklı kişiler tarafından yorumlandı. Ama, olaya ziyaretçinin amacı ve ülkesinin konumu açısından yaklaşılarak yorumlanması gerekir kanaatindeyim.

ABD Global bir güçtür. Devlet Başkanı da global düşünmek durumundadır. Türkiye ziyaretini de bu seviyede değerlendirmek gerekir.

Türkiye, coğrafî mevkii itibarı ile, Balkanlar, Kafkaslar ve Ortadoğu kara havzaları ile Akdeniz, Karadeniz ve Hazar Denizi Havzalarının ortasında kilit bir mevkiye sahiptir.

Yani Türkiye, Jeostratejik dairede, Coğrafi Konumu ile, bu havzalardaki ülkeleri aktif olarak etkileyip, yönlendirme imkan ve gücüne sahiptir.

Diğer taraftan dini, ırkî, tarihi bağları ve yönetim tecrübesi ile Türk ve İslâm Aleminin sahip olduğu, Asya'nın Batı yarısı ile Afrika'nın Kuzey yarısını kaplayan, iki kat'aya yayılmış, geniş coğrafya üzerindeki 60 Müslüman Ülkeyi etkileyebilen ve bu ülkelere kıyısı olan açık denizlerle ilgilenme imkanı bulabilen bir devlettir.

Yani, Türkiye, Jeopolitik Dairede, ABD dahil diğer bütün Global Aktörlerin hedefinde bulunan bir coğrafyanın lideri olabilme potansiyeline sahiptir.



This question will be solved with the method used by Israel, that is, when Palestine puts a military power balancing the military power of Israel up against Israel.

Peaceful approaches will not bring Israel to justice.

Israel relies on its power and the Western support.

The weakness and the loneliness of Palestine make Israel even more aggressive.

Israel will continue to exert military power on the Palestinian People until they reach their goals.




It is understood that the world agenda will be occupied by the Palestinian issue for a long time.

  • The election of a person of different origins as the President of the United States, which is trying to get out of the economic crisis in the new period, by leaving the pro-violence foreign policy of the United States, to convey messages that it wants to develop its policies that are based on softer relations with the Islamic World and Middle East Countries;
  • Israel's attempt at genocide in GAZA, which began on December 27, 2008, and continued slowly on January 18, 2009;
  • During the parliamentary elections and election propagandas in Israel on 10 February 2009, the promises made by leading political parties to destroy HAMAS, the builder of the resistance in GAZA, which constitutes the Palestinian legitimate government;

This indicates that the world will be talking about PALESTINE for a long time.

  • The standing up of Turkish people and direct financial and spiritual aid to Palestine at the end of demonstrations and rallies held by non-governmental organizations during the Gaza Attack of Israel;
  • A call to stop the attack through the National Security Council, the Turkish government is taking a stand against Israel by the Prime Minister;
  • The strong outbreak of our Prime Minister to Israeli President Shimon Peres at the Panel in DAVOS on 29 January 2009;

Turkey has been placed at the center of the world agenda.

Davos Outflow Is the Beginning of a New Process

In Davos, from the mouth of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey has announced that it is the guardian of the oppressed and that it is prepared to protect the law of the Islamic World.
The attitude we miss was exhibited in Davos.
The reaction given was worthy of the world-leader countries.

The comments of the silly people, cannot show wrong this historic event.
Our external representatives should have more personality.
Our people must first, understand the strength and importance of Turkey.
Israel received the reaction it had not seen in the world from Prime Minister Mr.Tayyip Erdoğan.
Considerable determination and weight have been put as much as activating the military force against Israel.
Israel will not be able to act recklessly anymore.
It will not be able to continue its carnages.
Turkey's warnings will be taken into consideration more.
Turkey's determination has been explained in a manner that it understands.


In our article dated January 15th, 2009 entitled “Israel should be Obligated to Defensive Warfare”, we tried to convey Israel’s objectives with regard to the attack effected upon Gazze.

In the said article as you may recall, we expressed the objectives Israel desires to reach at as a result of this attack, after this statement we continued as follows;

By January 20th, 2009 at the latest, thanks to the advantage gained with this attack together with the attacks that will follow, without out wearingmuch their troops, and within a very fast period of time, it is probable that Israel is aiming for Palestine and the whole world to unconditionally accept “ CEASE-FIRE”

The attack ceased on January 18th, 2009, and as of January 21st, 2009, they began to withdraw.

However, the conviction that the siege and blockade will continue more forcefully remains the same.

According to the declarations made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, it is understood that the objectives behind this attack are similar to the aims we pointed out earlier.




Everything has a point of satisfaction. The point of satisfaction in wars, where victory turns into defeat, it is the last point at which attack, or defense can be sustained. Leaders and competent commanders plan a ceasefire and peace before they reach this point.

The Jewish population in Israel is about four million people. The male population of the military age can be up to 700 thousand. The number of the military staff in the army is about 500 thousand. If all his reserves are obliged to summon them to the task, no one is left at home and at work. It cannot continue this situation for a long time.

The war strategy it has implemented so far is to rapidly seize its targets by attacking with the armored units in its dominant form and in its intense air support, allowing UN and western countries to enter as they approach this stage, making a ceasefire without breaking the pace of their combat.