The Israeli military attacks on the Gaza aid ship has a cost of Turkey 9 martyrs and 22 injured.

    Our aid volunteers (466 people), our martyrs (9 martyrs), and our 22 injured were brought to our country on 03 June at 02:30 morning and 5 heavy-injured stayed in Israel because transfers were not suitable. Volunteers, martyrs, and wounds from the other 32 countries have also reached their country.

    I wish mercy from Allah to our martyrs, healing to our injured, and patience to the relatives of the martyrs. Greetings to all aid volunteers.

  •  We also present the following message to the public opinion as a response to questions posed to our company by Egyptian journalist  (عبد الستار حتيتة) Abdulsettar Hetita.

    Dear Hetita,

    SADAT's mission is organizing of the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces internationally, providing strategic consultancy in the field of internal security and defense, serving in the fields of internal security, military training and equipment, creating a defense and defense industry cooperation environment between Islamic Countries and helping the Islamic World to take its rightful place among the World Superpowers as a self-sufficient military force. [i]

    SADAT'svision, is providing the organization of the Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces to meet the most effective and modern needs by making threat evaluations based on the geopolitical situation of the countries where it serves, and in accordance with these evaluations. [ii]

    SADAT's client’s portfolio includes friendly and allied countries of Turkey as well as Egypt there is also Libya. In 2013 we produced several projects for Libyan Armed Forces based on their demands. [iii] İOur work was interrupted with the start of terrorist acts by the rebel general, Haftar. We hope to continue our projects from where we left off after Libya obtains its stability.