• Yeniçağ Newspaper hits the ax at stone in its publications intended to discredit the Turkish armed forces and our country. Although we are tired from carrying news of Yeniçağ over to the judiciary, they are using unfamiliar methods to obtain support for their slander and false news. Although we have announced that SADAT has not have any armed force and invited the claimants to proof this, with Yeniçağ's applying again a question that is mind-blowing to MSB, the veto was eaten.


  • In the article written by Mr. Orhan UĞUROĞLU and published in Yeniçağ newspaper on 12.08.2019;

    “Is the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of National Defense are also privatized?

     be privatized....

    Private schools from primary school to university have been built, education has been privatized... As for the remaining public schools, get the points if you can, if you cannot get them, come on Imam Hatip…

    The Ministry of National Defense also the Military privatized...

    Give the money, get an evacuation

    The tank pallet factory was also privatized by giving it to the partnership of Qatar army,

    A Special Armed Army SADAT was also established to the presidential chief advisor, Adnan Tanrıverdi

    It begins in the form and continues with the criticisms to the privatized public activities.

    Dear UĞUROĞLU in his article, defined that private schools, which are opened within the framework of the state curriculum, under the state control and even minimum physical conditions in an environment drawn by the state as a privatization of education. 

    Within this scope, he evaluated the application of paid military service, privatization of the operating right of the tank pallet factory for a while and the establishment of SADAT A.Ş., as privatization of also the Ministry of National Defense.

    We think that the evaluation of SADAT Defense as an alternative to Turkish Armed Forces is due to insufficient or incorrect information sources. SADAT Defense clearly defined its purpose, activities, and scope of work through its website, and its establishment was announced in the Newspaper of Official Commercial on February 12, 2012.

     Mr. Adnan Tanriverdi has explained several times how the idea of SADAT Defense establishment was emerged. This explanation is available on the website of SADAT Defense.

    Dozens of decisive decisions have been taken and convictions have been made regarding to the investigation Concerning forgery and the denial of similar articles and writings about SADAT Defense.

    The intendment and intention of SADAT Defense are clear, and it has no other back plan. The aim of SADAT Defense is to consider the interests of the Republic of Turkey friendly and allied countries.

    It can be summarized as follows:

    • Provide strategic consultancy to the security forces (the armed forces and police corps),
    • Provide training for members of the security forces on the subjects they need in order to defend their country,
    • Mediate in the procurement of war weapons and vehicles demanded by the security forces to defend their country,
    • Creating a defense and defense industry cooperation environment between friendly countries, providing consultancies on these issues, establishing a market environment for the products of Turkish defense industries, and providing interstate organizations on related issues,

    Carried out company activities as determined by the relevant legislation.

    SADAT Defense is not a special army, an armed force.

    To the public opinion, it is announced with respect.


  • Yeniçağ Gazetesi TSK’yı ve ülkemizi itibarsızlaştırma uğruna yaptığı yayınlarda baltayı taşa vuruyor. Yeniçağ’ın yaptığı haberleri yargıya taşımaktan yorulmamıza rağmen halen iftiralarına ve yalan haberlerine dayanak aramak için olmadık yöntemlere baş vuruyor. SADAT’ın silahlı gücünün bulunmadığını üstüne basa basa ilan etmemize ve iddia sahiplerini ispata davet etmemize rağmen Yeniçağ yine akla ziyan bir soru ile MSB’ye başvurması üzerine veto yemiş…