The Opening Announcement of ASSAM (September 24, 2011)

The Opening Announcement of "ASSAM”

At the beginning of the last century, empires broke up.  Nations that were inside the empire structure were formed into states guided by the winners of the First World War. The dependent states were condemned to totalitarian regimes, even though they believe they were free. Dictators were protected and supported by the Guardian states.

Between the two World Wars, the developed states of the west were mainly dominated by fascist dictators, while the Soviets and their affiliates were also ruled by communist dictators.

After World War II, while democratic systems were in place in western countries, taking the USA and Britain as an example, Communism was adopted as a management system in Russia and its dependents.

The West formed a NATO bloc led by America against communism, and the Soviet Union, led by Russia, the WARSAW Pact against raging capitalism.

The past century has passed by exploiting countries that did not achieve their full independence as a result of the clash of the two superpowers and the ideologies they represent through the strengthening, development, and strengthening of the armed forces.

After World War II, the League of Nations (10 January 1920: 18 April 1946) was revised and reorganized by the victories of the war, and the United Nations Organization was established on 24 October 1945. Although its goal is to "provide justice and security, economic development and social equality to all nations", Western States have used the United Nations Service as a means to establish and maintain their colonial order.

After World War II, Israel, which was placed in Palestine as a crusader site for the 27th Crusade, was supported with the eyes, ears, and fists of the Christian world in geography as it entered the heart of Islamic geography as a dagger, while it was protected by all organizations under the control of the West, including nations United, with intense psychological work, it has been forgotten that this small country was the tongs of the West, indicating that the rule of the world was under the control of Zionism and that the Islamic world was blindfolded.

At the turn of the century, the Soviet Union seceded, trying to keep Afghanistan under occupation, and the socialist ideology collapsed.

At the beginning of this century, the unbeatable US and NATO have spurred the world gendarme. The US and its Allies have invaded Afghanistan and Iraq repeatedly, with the excuse of liberation. These two military occupations cost the West dearly. They brought their economies to collapse and reached the fact that military occupation and sovereignty cannot be maintained.

The sixty Islamic countries that are members of the United Nations, considering their geography where land, sea, and air transport passes, have failed to gain the strength they deserve to be allies and unable to get rid of the direction of the West, and have struggled to succeed in their national administrations, and they control the center of the three continents and their rich resources, underground and above it, and its sublime moral ideals.

Islamic Geography is the eye of the world's super and regional powers (US, EU, Russia, Japan, China, and India). They are struggling to establish sovereignty over Islamic countries and stirring them to ensure their political and economic interests.

With the establishment of the republic, Turkey accepted that reaching the level of developed countries could not be achieved without changing society through social and cultural revolutions; it considered that the Islamic religion, Islamic values ​​, and the civilization it represents constitute a threat. It turned its back on the Islamic States and Muslim Nations and became isolated from the Islamic world by showing Western culture as the supreme aim to be accomplished, turning its face to the west. Our nation, which has been working under the direction of the West for some time now, has doubts about Islamic countries and has always looked at these countries in terms of danger. This led to the creation of two diametrically opposed will in the State (bureaucratic and political will) and their constant conflict, which has led the state to contribute its power over the nation. Whereas the armed forces, which preserve the political will in the guardianship and control of bureaucratic power, have caused people to abuse responses due to reactionary reaction, because of their secular status, made the Kurds doubt their loyalty to the state.

To establish unity in Islamic countries, Turkey's leadership depends on the national will to control all state institutions so that Turkey can lead Islamic countries.

Islamic countries, which are on the way to selecting democracy by overturning authoritarian administrations, have tough days ahead. Young democracies to fight corruption, poverty and the need for justice must not be pushed back into the West's embrace to be able to solve their huge problems. They need solidarity and right guidance. Economic cooperation and support, foreign policy-leading cooperation, defense cooperation against exploiters, alternative justice systems are needed to address violations of rights arising from their own countries and third states.

The well-being of Turkish and Muslim nations, the establishment of peace and justice in the world, depends on the fact that Islamic countries have emerged as a great power on the World political scene.

At this point, the main task is to the ASDER. Members of ASDER, who have committed to the moral values of the nation, working hard to ensure justice in all parts of the Turkish community, have experience in the state administration and in the form of Military issues, have the wealth to create public votes by offering the right form of statehood to the Turkish and world communities in national and international matters, as well as solutions to political will.

ASDER, which was aware of its responsibilities in history, decided to establish a strategic research center. To this end, the Justice Defenders Center for Strategic Studies (ASSAM) began its activities on 24 September 2011 at ASDER headquarters.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired Brigadier General

ASDER Honorary President