Palestine is one of the main issues of Turkey (05 February 2009)




It is understood that the world agenda will be occupied by the Palestinian issue for a long time.

  • The election of a person of different origins as the President of the United States, which is trying to get out of the economic crisis in the new period, by leaving the pro-violence foreign policy of the United States, to convey messages that it wants to develop its policies that are based on softer relations with the Islamic World and Middle East Countries;
  • Israel's attempt at genocide in GAZA, which began on December 27, 2008, and continued slowly on January 18, 2009;
  • During the parliamentary elections and election propagandas in Israel on 10 February 2009, the promises made by leading political parties to destroy HAMAS, the builder of the resistance in GAZA, which constitutes the Palestinian legitimate government;

This indicates that the world will be talking about PALESTINE for a long time.

  • The standing up of Turkish people and direct financial and spiritual aid to Palestine at the end of demonstrations and rallies held by non-governmental organizations during the Gaza Attack of Israel;
  • A call to stop the attack through the National Security Council, the Turkish government is taking a stand against Israel by the Prime Minister;
  • The strong outbreak of our Prime Minister to Israeli President Shimon Peres at the Panel in DAVOS on 29 January 2009;

Turkey has been placed at the center of the world agenda.

Beyond the emotions, it is important not to keep the three dimensions of the Palestinian issue out of sight, which attracts Turkey.

 The first is the HUMAN dimension.

The people whose lands were occupied, their physical contact with the outside world cut off, their living standards decreased to below the level of poverty, were unable to satisfy even their most vital needs and were deprived of the possibilities of defense except for simple weapons; They were bombed for twenty-two days, day and night, beginning with schools, hospitals, mosques, and civilian areas, from land and air, in a planned manner, with all kinds of modern weapons and ammunition of great destruction.

The attack caused over than 5000 injured and 1500 martyrs.

Insensitive to this genocide cannot be understandable behavior for people and countries who say they value people.

For this reason, Turkey cannot remain silent, its presence on the side of the victim is a debt owed to humanity.


The second is the ISLAMIC dimension.

Those who are captured on their lands and are subjected to genocide are Muslims.

Despite one and a half billion Muslims on the earth and in front of the eyes of the whole world, the massacre has been sustained for 22 days. It could not be stopped.

The military force used over Palestine is not the power covered by Israel's own resources. It is the power of the Crusader mentality that places Israel in these lands due to the historical calculations. So, the West continues its reckoning with Islam through Israel, which supports with all its possibilities.

To be able to diagnose the issue correctly, the attack should be seen as the reckoning between the Cross-Crescent, other than the Arab-Israeli War. If we do not see it this way, we cannot put the US occupation down in Afghanistan and Iraq and its attacks on these countries.

In the face of the west, which raped by combining its means, to be able to preserve the rights of Islamic Nations, Muslim countries also need to combine their possibilities.

At this point, Turkey was able to confront 20 of the 24 Crusades, that took place after the adoption of Islam, and was a major task for Turkey, which was committed to Muslim nations, and which has been leading and taking responsibility for the political, military and cultural aspects of Islamic for nearly 1000 years and has been carefully monitored by all Islamic countries.

The positive repercussions in the Islamic world, both from the positions of the Turkish people and the behavior of our Prime Minister in Davos, have once again brought attention to Turkey's unified value.

The policy that Turkey pursues in this issue and the support of these policies with effective measures will be an important starting point that helps form an alliance in order to confront the forces that threaten Islam.

The crisis inside which the US is dragged has also made the conjuncture appropriate.

Reasonable and justified steps will also ensure that the US sincerity is tested.

Attempts to block the joint movement of Islamic countries would be an important factor to speed up the collapse of the US. For this reason, possible US reactions must be evaded steadfastly.

The courageous steps for the Islamic alliance will make the twenty-first century, a true basis of stability, tranquility, and peace, where the Islamic is the determining factor.

The approaches that help Palestine maintain its presence as a state will be the key to developments.

Considering the Islamic dimension of the Palestine issue, Turkey is located also in the center of the Palestine issue.


The third is the NATIONAL dimension.

With Israel, which will assimilate Palestine and establish stability within its existing borders and a unitary state, Turkey, the Middle East, are destined to come face to face in the medium term.

Israel, backed by the US and the EU, poses a threat to Turkey's national interests.

In this respect, adhering to UN resolutions, the existence of Palestine as an independent state is of vital importance to Turkey.


In conclusion;

  • The combined Islamic military force must be brought in to confront Israel backed by the West and confront the occupations in Islamic geography that are achieved by using military force.
  • Initiatives between Islamic countries to establish defense co-operation and joint defense industry should be initiated.
  • Turkey must take an active role in these efforts, which require a long and difficult process.

ALLAH Almighty, the helper to those who think beautifully, those who live well, those who want beautiful things, and those who work. February 5, 2009

Adnan Tanrıverdi

Retired Brigadier General

ASDER Gnr. Chairman