• A New Period in Turkish-Israeli Relations

    The Mavi Marmara ship, which has humanitarian aid to Gaza, has been 15 months since the armed raid on the International waters of the Eastern Mediterranean, on the Israeli Naval Force side (May 2010). In this RAID, 9 Turkish citizens died.

    Turkey demanded that Israel apologize and pay compensation to the relatives of the martyrs. Israel did not respond to these demands. Turkey has taken the matter to the United Nations Security Council. According to reports that leaked from there, however, it was understood that a satisfactory decision would not be made to make Turkey's demands come into effect.

    Today (2 September 2011) we heard Turkey's response from our Foreign Minister, Professor Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu.

  • Israel is Enemy of Humanity

    The humanitarian aid convoy heading to Gaza, which had 600 people and 6 ships from 50 countries, was attacked from land and air by the Israeli Armed Forces at 04:30 on 31 May 2010, while it was sailing in the international waters of the Mediterranean.

    According to the information received, as of this hour (31 May at 15:00), there are 19 martyrs and 60 injured. I wish the mercy of Allah for the martyrs of humanitarian aid and urgent recovery to the wounded.

    Attacking humanitarian aid ships with weapons means fighting the people of the countries sending the ship, and especially the Turkish people.

    Attacking the civilian, unarmed, and charitable people with guns has once again revealed the real face of ISRAEL. It is an Enemy of Humanity.




    Everything has a point of satisfaction. The point of satisfaction in wars, where victory turns into defeat, it is the last point at which attack, or defense can be sustained. Leaders and competent commanders plan a ceasefire and peace before they reach this point.

    The Jewish population in Israel is about four million people. The male population of the military age can be up to 700 thousand. The number of the military staff in the army is about 500 thousand. If all his reserves are obliged to summon them to the task, no one is left at home and at work. It cannot continue this situation for a long time.

    The war strategy it has implemented so far is to rapidly seize its targets by attacking with the armored units in its dominant form and in its intense air support, allowing UN and western countries to enter as they approach this stage, making a ceasefire without breaking the pace of their combat.




    It is understood that the world agenda will be occupied by the Palestinian issue for a long time.

    • The election of a person of different origins as the President of the United States, which is trying to get out of the economic crisis in the new period, by leaving the pro-violence foreign policy of the United States, to convey messages that it wants to develop its policies that are based on softer relations with the Islamic World and Middle East Countries;
    • Israel's attempt at genocide in GAZA, which began on December 27, 2008, and continued slowly on January 18, 2009;
    • During the parliamentary elections and election propagandas in Israel on 10 February 2009, the promises made by leading political parties to destroy HAMAS, the builder of the resistance in GAZA, which constitutes the Palestinian legitimate government;

    This indicates that the world will be talking about PALESTINE for a long time.

    • The standing up of Turkish people and direct financial and spiritual aid to Palestine at the end of demonstrations and rallies held by non-governmental organizations during the Gaza Attack of Israel;
    • A call to stop the attack through the National Security Council, the Turkish government is taking a stand against Israel by the Prime Minister;
    • The strong outbreak of our Prime Minister to Israeli President Shimon Peres at the Panel in DAVOS on 29 January 2009;

    Turkey has been placed at the center of the world agenda.


    The Israeli military attacks on the Gaza aid ship has a cost of Turkey 9 martyrs and 22 injured.

    Our aid volunteers (466 people), our martyrs (9 martyrs), and our 22 injured were brought to our country on 03 June at 02:30 morning and 5 heavy-injured stayed in Israel because transfers were not suitable. Volunteers, martyrs, and wounds from the other 32 countries have also reached their country.

    I wish mercy from Allah to our martyrs, healing to our injured, and patience to the relatives of the martyrs. Greetings to all aid volunteers.

    Thanks to IHH;

    These oppressed nations, the people of Gaza who live in captivity at the hands of the cruelest governments in the world, the official governments of the world states turned back and ignored them because they fear the evil of Israel, despite Israel's Violent past, we congratulate our brave volunteers with all our hearts who risked their lives to bring aid They opened a new scope and a new horizon for the Palestinian people. They made a courageous attempt that the equipped armies could not afford. The volunteers of the humanitarian convoy will see the reward for their efforts in this world and the hereafter.

    IHH is the flag bearer of this convoy. While helping the oppressed, it helped our country to take an active part in the issue and reinforce the place it deserves, especially in the Islamic World. I hereby congratulate İHH board of executives, particularly Attorney Bülent Yıldırım, with the deepest admiration of mine.