What could the US Have Purposed with the Greater Middle East project? (June 25, 2004)

What could the US Have Purposed with the Greater Middle East project?:

The geography of the countries covered by the project, which is called the Greater Middle East or the Expanded Middle East and North Africa Group;  

  • Dividing the continent of Europe-Asia-Africa, which is named as the world island, in the middle in the form of a girdle; 
  • Providing control of the north and south of the World Island with air and sea forces by dominating the most important sea passages and straits in its possession; 
  • Muslim Nations that have the opportunity to have a real opinion in the struggle for world domination if united, have granted the opportunity to control these ambitions with puppet forces, which they can take out of themselves, in a way they cannot even imagine, 
  • Possessing the opportunity to drive ever the World Economy through energy resources and crossroads of sea transport that it possesses, 
  • Containing the structure of the Holy Places of the Divine three great religions, 
  • At the same time, containing indispensable market feature for powerful economies, 
  • Containing the homelands of the Islamic nations that NATO set on its goal,

It is geography that offers many advantages to the power that it possesses.

In short, it is a geography intended to be captured throughout history to dominate the world. It is in the hands of Muslims this day. It is then a geo-strategic region around the world where the forces who want to strangle the Islam and dominate the world aim to have.

It is not possible to have this vast geography with military power such as Iraq, Palestine, or Afghanistan.

Therefore, it was necessary to find a project that would allow these Nations to sign their own surrender decree. They called it "the Greater Middle East project". The goal is the Muslim Nations, to dominate the region and thus the world, by keeping them under the control just as Russia controls the nations it enacted in the Warsaw Pact during the USSR era.

Speeches such as democratization of countries in the region and gaining economic and political stability are covers to conceal the real purpose.

Once a member, they will control the Muslim Nations by neutralizing those who want to retain their independence supporters and national-spiritual values with their own state forces, creating an environment of polarization and internal conflict that does not end in these countries.

If the danger of losing control appears, it will apply to these countries what the USSR and Iron Curtain countries did to Hungary and Czechoslovakia during the Cold War.

The Greater Middle East Project is the project of enslaving Muslim Nations, occupying their countries and slandering their states. June 25, 2004

Adnan Tanrıverdi (Retired Brigadier General)