• Belgeler ortaya çıktı BAE zor durumda

    Mercenaries are panacea

    In the early 1990s, the western world brought its mercenaries to Iraq on bail from a private military company. Western states have been using Legionaries since medieval ages to maintain the exploitation order in the Middle East, especially in Africa.

    When mercenary groups charged with preventing Iraq from procuring the stability of Iraq, which were divided into three due to internal unrest when people started to suffer from human resources, Al-Qaeda was invented and it became a new and very cheap mercenary source based on the ideological base of Muslims from Islamic countries. When the al-Qaeda ideology was insufficient after Syria was messed with chaos, ISIS was invented and put on the ground to create new resources. Today, with Turkey's effective fight, Al Qaeda and ISIS had been ended in the region. In Africa, organizations like Boko Haram continue their activity. When the west financing terrorism and some of the Gulf countries under its guidance had difficulty could not afford to stand against the Turkish Armed Forces and returned to their country in the coffin, and even sometimes did not return, they became have to use mercenaries from Russia with a new organization and use them in Syria.

    Today, after Turkey ended terrorism in Syria, the West fell into a new chaos as a result to the request of the Libyan Government Turkey to send its militaries to Libya to end terrorism in Libya.