What's Happening to Our people (20 September 2004)


It is the most natural RIGHT and the most important DUTY of Nations, whose countries are occupied by foreign armed forces, in order to resist and fight the invader with their regular and non-regular forces by using all kinds of possibilities.

Today, the nations captured and occupied themselves are the Muslim Nations. These people, whose lives, wealth, honor, sanctities, and all their values are trampled, whose cities, towns, and villages have been destroyed, the whole world stands against them when they resist the occupier. They name this holy resistance as the Islamic terror.

Well, what happening to us and our people, we join this choir with a clear purpose and goal. In other words, if what happened to our neighbors happen to us, if our Regular Armed Forces are not able at a certain stage to prevent the occupation of our country even though they did their duty, and if our country is occupied by the same forces, will we not organize ambushes, raids, destructions, sabotage, and assassinations to the invaders and the traitors within us who are their collaborators? Are we not going to make our country a prison for the occupier? They will demolish our state, disperse our assembly, destroy our army, collect, and destroy its weapons, disperse our administrative organization, and take our dignity honor and spiritual values under their feet, and do will we welcome them?

These nations are trying to save their country's control from foreign forces and their collaborators, and if this does not happen, they face the risk of death.  Should not we need to be more careful and sensitive to the countries in which these struggles occur? Should we not forget that people who resist the occupier and support those who resist, from our truck driver, who serves the invasion by saying bread money, to our businessmen who make investments against the nations and politicians who try not to offend the powerful, everyone are fighting for their survival?

The time is not the time for our people's minds to be confused. It is time to prepare them against the occupation.

The assessment that religious education given by different groups raises personnel for terror is not an accurate assessment. However, the staff member who will defend our country at any cost will go out of those who have received better, better religious education. Those who cannot distinguish between their friend - enemy, lies - truth, will not be able to avoid accountability to history. Monday, September 20, 2004

Adnan Tanrıverdi (Retired Brigadier General)