Training Concepts and Activities of SADAT Defense

Depending on requests, SADAT Defense has ability to perform the basic and advanced trainings and orientation programmes effectively with the training teams composed from professionals chosen from a large circle of reserves at all fields of Armed Forces of Friendly Countries in their own territories. 

SADAT Defense has an archive of documentations which includes of training plans, schedules, instructors books and trainees books to open and implement any courses for all branches and units for the armed forces of countries all around the world and updates and upgrades this archive in accordance with the new Technologies and developments and also keeps ready to anytime use by Professional Teams of SADAT Defense. 

SADAT Defense’s portfolio of trainers (instructors) is composed of young and experienced professionals who have special skills and capabilities on their subjects of expertise. Depending on the needs, SADAT Defense has possibility to expand the reserve of trainers as well. 

SADAT Defense recognizes that possesssing and holding of well-trained persons as reserves qualified enough to respond all faces of a war contributes to national defense as much as that possessing technological and physical defensive instruments at least and also minds and cares the importance of trainings and courses for individuals, small troops and special forces.


The significant courses of SADAT Defense to improve individual skills are;

  1. General Training Programmes
    1. Individual Combat Training and Small Unit Tactics
    2. Special Forces Basic Course
    3. Special Forces Advanced Course
    4. Aviator/Aviation Courses
  2. Moduler Training Programmes
    1. Training Modules for Land Forces
      1. Land Operations Training Programmes
      2. Sniper/Sharpshooter Training Programmes
      3. Protection Training Programmes
      4. Advanced Demolition Training Programmes
      5. Unconventional Warfare Training Programmes
      6. Individual Combat Training and Close Quarter Battle Course
      7. Artillery Forward Observer Training Courses
      8. Armored Vehicle Destruction and Hunting Training Programmes
    2. Training Modules for Sea Forces
      1. Sea Operations Training Programmes
      2. Frogman Basic Training Programmes
    3. Training Modules for Air Forces
      1. Air Operations Training Programmes
      2. Helicopter Pilots Training Programmes
    4. Training Modules for Interior Security Forces
      1. Border Security Stations Training
      2. Basic Police Special Operation Training Programmes

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