The Military Defense System of the Islamic World

The following article by Yusuf Çağlayan was published in Yeni Asya Newspaper on September 12, 2014. 

The Islamic world does not have a common defense system. Defense systems in some countries are configured, trained, and equipped by about seventy companies based in Europe and the USA. Therefore, the countries of Islam do not have defense strategies, industries, and institutions based on local and core resources. Is it possible that a defense system organized by European and US companies and completely under the technical supervision of these companies could be independent of the political, sociological, and military strategies of Europe and the United States?

In this regard, the configuration of the Bosnian army is a concrete example. After the end of the Bosnian war, a Western Defense Consulting Company has been a target for the restructure of the Bosnian army. Bosnian authorities have declared that they have not accepted this offer without Turkey's reference. The company provided a symbolic Turkish official observer with this reference and took the job. After the configuration was completed, I personally listened to a retired General of ours, Mr. Adnan Tanrıverdi, who went to Bosnia. He declared that the formation of Mountain Commando units in the mountainous parts of Bosnia was established, and that the configuration was intended to be structured as a defense industry market, not for Bosnia's defense. From this example, we can estimate how functional the armies of the Islamic countries that European and US companies have configured.

This situation has raised the idea of ​​establishing an international defense and consulting company of the assembled soldiers under ASDER, who are members of the Turkish Armed Forces, to ensure cooperation between Islamic countries in the defense industry and create joint defense opportunities against external threats to the Islamic world. In fact, building this company was a responsibility to take over the task of retired TAF personnel, who specialize in the services provided by European and US companies, to present this potential to the service of Islamic countries. The distinctive feature of this company from other western companies is that it ensures that Islamic countries are organized according to their true defense needs so that they do not allow their exploitation as in the example we talked about. The construction, structuring, training, and equipment of defense facilities will be based on the maintenance repair systems of the weapons and equipment and the basis of the own human and technological, and cultural resources of the Islamic countries, especially Turkey.

Established in 2012 with these ideas, SADAT (International Defense and Consulting Inc.) has continued its activities with projects and one-on-one initiatives since then, which are offered by participating in defense fairs in Islamic countries. However, it is unthinkable that such a company exists with an Islamic origin, either in Islamic countries or in Turkey. Initiatives in the context of creating the legal infrastructure of the company have met with very strange reactions. Such a company had no equivalent in our legislation. The company started to encounter obstacles, starting from the establishment formalities. Furthermore, some provocative broad casted organizations have made a topic of deliberate propaganda that exposes the company to accusations such as a terrorist training camp. However, there was no functional promotional support for the company from any conservative media.

Despite all these obstacles, the company gained its legal identity. However, the legislative gap continues in terms of providing training to the military and security institutions of Islamic countries within the country. In the effort to overcome this gap, the company was responded with advice that, "If there is a demand from foreign countries, you can operate in their own lands".

European and especially US companies continue to structure the armies of Islamic countries, to establish and equip their facilities, to train, and even to command them with the legal and political support of their states. The function of Western defense systems cannot go beyond defense more than protecting the systems of local regions rather than countries.