SADAT A.S. 2012 Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of our company for 2012 carried out in our company address at 02:00pm March 31st, 2013.

Chairman of the Board, Brigadier (R) Adnan TANRIVERDI thanked to contributors and participants who made SADAT accessed to desired level so soon in 2012. Vice Chairman of the Board Staff Colonel (R) Fethi KIRAN read 2012 annual report. He explained training activities, abroad exhibition participations, printed SADAT directives, prepared training lecture notes,  meeting with the ministers, etc. in the report. Financial reports and auditors' reports were read and shareholders voted and approved.

Thanked Fethi KIRAN and Resat FIDAN who are member of the board because of their services at the last period, and awarded with plaquets.

The members of the board of directors to manage the company for a period of three years was elected by unanimous vote. 


  1. Brigadier (R) Adnan TANRIVERDI
  2. Colonel (R) Prof.Dr. Mehmet ZELKA
  3. Tank Senior Colonel (R) Ali COSAR
  4. Air Force Pilot Senior Colonel (R) Haluk YILDIRIM
  5. Electronic Engineer A.K. Melih TANRIVERDI


Some images from the General Meeting with the participation of our more than 60 Shareholders and staff

SADAT Hissedarları Genel Kurul Toplantısında
MD005074u MD005076u
MD005082u MD005094u

Şirket Yetkililerimiz Savunma Sanayi Müsteşarını Ziyaret Etti

Yönetim Kurulu Başkanımız (E) Tuğg. Adnan Tanrıverdi başkanlığında şirket yetkililerimiz Savunma Sanayi Müsteşarı Sayın Murad Bayar'ı ziyaret ettiler.

Yetkililerimiz Abu Dhabi - IDEX 2013 Uluslararası Savunma Fuarında gerçekleştirilen iş bağlantıları hakkında Savunma Sanayii Müsteşarı Sayın Murad Bayar ve SSM Uluslararası İşbirliği Daire Başkanı Sayın Lütfi Varoğlu'na bilgi vererek görüş, öneri ve desteklerini aldılar.

SADAT Ynt.Krl.Bşk. Em. Tuğg. Adnan Tanriverdi, Ynt.Krl.U. Reşat Fidan ve Eğt.Koor. M. Emin Koçak, Savunma Sanayi Müsteşarı Murad Bayar ve U.İ.D.Bşk. Lütfi Varoğlu ile görüştüler


SADAT's officials in Turkish Ministry of National Defence Underscretariat for Defence Industries

Under the presidency of Brigadier General (Retired) Adnan Tanriverdi, the Chairman of SADAT's Directors Board, Our Officials visited Mr. Murad Bayar, The Undersecretary for Defence Industries (SSM).

Our officials informed Mr. Murad Bayar, The Underscretary for Defence Industries and Mr. Lutfi Varoglu, The Head of International Cooperation Department of SSM, about our business connections set in IDEX 2013 International Defence Exhibition in Abu Dhabi and took their advices, opinions and supports as well.

Chairman of the Board of SADAT Brigadier (R) Adnan Tanriverdi, Member of the Board Resat Fidan, Training Coordinator M. Emin Kocak visited Murad Bayar Undersecretary for Defence Industries and Lutfi Varoglu Head of International Cooperation Department


SADAT in IDEX2013 International Defence Exhibition

SADAT International Defense A.S. is in IDEX 2013 International Defence Exhibition - the biggest defense exhibition of the region in Abu Dhabi - the capital of United Arab Emirates. As the only defense service provider, SADAT A.S. has taken place there besides other 58 Turkish Manufacturer of Defense Industry at the Exhibition. More than 1000 international firms took place in the Exhibition.

Our services in defense field attracted great attention. Senior Military Officials requested more information about our services besides many other firms' approachs for strategic cooperation possibilities.

Here are some photos of SADAT A.S. and our visitors in exhibition;

sadat-idex-01 msb-bakan-yardimcisi-sadatta-idex sadat-idex-03
sadat-idex-04 sadat-idex-05 sadat-idex-06
sadat-idex-07 sadat-idex-08 sadat-idex-09
sadat-idex-10 sadat-idex-11 sadat-idex-12


SADAT is going to participate IDEX-2013 International Defence Exhibition in Abu Dhabi / UAE

logo idex13 english

Stand of SADAT

logo idex2013SADAT A.S. is participating to International Defence Exhibition and Conference between 17-21 February 2013 at Turkish Hall Stand 10-B25 in Abu Dhabi - UAE

We would like see you in our stand. Please click here and register to visit us in Expo.

All guests need to register as visitors to attend IDEX. The quickest way for them to do this is to complete the IDEX visitor registration process online at – Register button (the registration site is
Once approved these visitors will be able to access IDEX and NAVDEX freely from 10am-5pm between Monday 18th and Thursday 21th February 2013.

Opening Times - Registered visitors will be free to attend IDEX from 10am-5pm between Monday 18th and Thursday 21th February 2013, as the access to IDEX on Sunday 17th February 2013, is restricted to VIP and delegations only (no visitor access).

Location and travel information - Visitors can find directions to the venue at

SADAT A.S. in IDEX 2013's web site

You are invited;

IDEX-2013 invitation

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