SADAT International Defence Consultancy SADAT International Defence Consultancy SADAT International Defence Consultancy

Consultancy (for Military)

SADAT A.S. evaluates the military threats against the countries and both defines the possibilities of “defensive strategies and resources” of a country alone or same with its military alliances and organizes countries’ Armed Forces against the probable military threats.

SADAT A.S. analyses “The Country’s Armed Forces’ Preparations for A War” by inspections and determines the best solutions for revisions.

SADAT A.S. also supports The Armed Forces of The Countries with consultancy services at their Proactive Cyber Defense Measurements and Offensive Software Needs and Necessities.


Consultancy Services of SADAT A.S. are provided by Officers and NCOs who have successfully completed and been retired after serving as;

  1. War Academy and Armed Forces Academy
  2. Commander to a Brigade / Division / Corps or higher units in Land Forces (or equivalent positions in Navy /Air Forces / General Command of Gendarme)
  3. Staff in Army / Navy / Airf Forces Headquarters or Staff in The Headquarter of The Presidency of General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces
  4. Military Attache, Staff in NATO Headquarters
  5. Commander or High Ranking Staff to any troops against terrorism in high risk areas for interior security missions
  6. Staff to Military Training or Educational Centers

and also completed their services from the smallest unit through highest, matching their ranks and branch qualifications in order.

Our consultants have also been chosen among the dedicated professionals with the best qualifications and the most experiences in addition to their military discipline and traditional soul of Turkish Armed Forces.