SADAT A.S. 2012 Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of our company for 2012 carried out in our company address at 02:00pm March 31st, 2013.

Chairman of the Board, Brigadier (R) Adnan TANRIVERDI thanked to contributors and participants who made SADAT accessed to desired level so soon in 2012. Vice Chairman of the Board Staff Colonel (R) Fethi KIRAN read 2012 annual report. He explained training activities, abroad exhibition participations, printed SADAT directives, prepared training lecture notes,  meeting with the ministers, etc. in the report. Financial reports and auditors' reports were read and shareholders voted and approved.

Thanked Fethi KIRAN and Resat FIDAN who are member of the board because of their services at the last period, and awarded with plaquets.

The members of the board of directors to manage the company for a period of three years was elected by unanimous vote. 


  1. Brigadier (R) Adnan TANRIVERDI
  2. Colonel (R) Prof.Dr. Mehmet ZELKA
  3. Tank Senior Colonel (R) Ali COSAR
  4. Air Force Pilot Senior Colonel (R) Haluk YILDIRIM
  5. Electronic Engineer A.K. Melih TANRIVERDI


Some images from the General Meeting with the participation of our more than 60 Shareholders and staff

SADAT Hissedarları Genel Kurul Toplantısında
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Our Services

  • Consulting
  • Training
  • ordnance
  • Consultancy

    SADAT Inc. assesses the possible military threats against the countries it serves; identifies the collective defense opportunities with their allies and other countries; and organizes the Armed Forces in compliance with such possible threats.
    SADAT Inc. audits the readiness of the Armed Forces of the countries it serves to the possible wars, and produces solutions in order to remedy any possible needs and deficiencies.
    SADAT Inc. provides consultancy to the Armed Forces of the countries it serves regarding Cyber Defense and Assault Software.
  • Training

    Conventional Military Training:
    SADAT Inc. provides the conventional military trainings and the final user trainings for the privates and any and all troops of the Land, Marine and Air Forces of the countries it serves.
    Unconventional Military Training:
    SADAT Inc. provides ambush, raid, road closing, destruction, sabotage, and rescue and abduction trainings, in addition to the trainings on the defense against such acts, which may be needed by the countries it serves, and organizes the Unconventional War organization of such countries.
    Special Forces Training:
    SADAT Inc. trains the staff of the Land, Marine and Air forces of the countries it serves regarding conventional war and unconventional war and special military operations, and furnishes them with superior skills.
  • Ordnance

    SADAT Inc. acts as a mediator regarding the supplying of the weapons, equipments, vehicles, spare parts, explosives, etc., which may be needed by the Armed Forces of the countries it serves.


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