Armory Systems

This new concept, designed and implemented by SADAT Defense, makes a significant contribution to the "Mobilization" requirement of all modern armies.

Mobile, portable and fixed modular armory designs both increase the mission success of the country's Armed Forces and remove a significant deficiency even if it has low cost.

  • Mobile Armory Systems

    Mobile Armory Systems

    The Mobile Armory System is designed by SADAT Defense in order for the armory to reach any desired area quickly by ensuring all armory transport conditions. The system can take the required energy supply from the electrical system of the carrier vehicle, as well as a solar energy supply option.

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  • Portable Armory Systems

    Portable Armory Systems

    The mobile armories can be used by being buried under the ground in the desired area or covered in accordance with the natural vegetation, and are designed to be easily transported to another area when necessary.

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  • Fixed Armory Systems

    Fixed Armory Systems

    Fixed Modular Armory systems developed by SADAT Defense are useful designs due to the very low production costs and standardization thanks to fabrication production.

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