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Training Package for Helicopter Pilots

  SADAT Pilot TrainingAim of the course, for Islamic and Friendly Countries, is to grow and train military and civilian pilots who are to fly any type of helicopter likely Turkish Pilots who fly all types of  military and commercial helicopters and to execute yearly renewal and control flights  and to teach new aviation developments.

Training Classes Provided

  1. Military Pilot Trainings:
    1. Helicopter Pilot Course
    2. Helicopter Type Rating Course
    3. Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR) Course
    4. Night Flight Training (Flying with Night Vision Goggles) Course
    5. Armed Helicopter Flight and Arms Training Course
    6. Mechanics Basic Course
    7. Type Rating Course for Mechanics
  2. Civilian Pilot Trainings:
    1. PPL (Private Pilot License) course
    2. CPL (Commercial Pilot License) course
    3. Helicopter Instrumental Course
    4. Helicopter Type Rating Course 

Helicopters Types to be Trained

  • Bell-206 JetRanger / LongRanger
  • UH-1 / AB-205
  • S-70 (UH-60) Blackhawk (Sikorsky)
  • AS-532 Cougar
  • Enstrom
  • AH-1 P (Cobra)
  • AH-1 W (Cobra)
  • Other Helicopters (Depends on Requests)


Our Instructors

Trainings are given by our qualified and experienced senior instructor pilots and technical teams who have actively served in Aviation Schools of Air Forces and Army of Turkish Armed Forces as instructors and mechanics. 

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