Training Programmes for Air Forces

SADAT Defense has ability to perform the basic and advanced trainings and orientation programmes effectively with the training teams composed from experts and professionals chosen from a large circle of reserves depending on requests at all fields of armed forces of friendly countries in their own territories.

SADAT Defense has the capability to provide air operations training on subjects of Parachute, Helicopter Operations, Electronic Warfare, and UAV, with personnel who are experts in their field in air force training programmes who have served in the Turkish Armed Forces for many years and have served as instructors in aviation-related branches.

SADAT Defense has the capability to train jet fighter pilots by providing Pilot Training, Type Rating Training and Jet Fighter Training for all types of aircraft and helicopters to the demanding country, with its pilot personnel who have retired after serving successfully in the Turkish Armed Forces.

SADAT Defense provides military training on the subjects needed and the sample training programmes for the air forces are;

  1. Parachute training programme,
  2. Helicopter operations training programme,
  3. Pilot search and rescue operations training programme,
  4. Boarding operations with helicopter training programme,
  5. Refugee evacuation operations,
  6. Aircraft Pilot Training,
  7. Type Rating Training,
  8. Jet Fighter Pilot Training
  9. Aircraft Maintenance Training,
  10. Helicopter Pilot Training,
  11. Helicopter Maintenance Training,
  12. Electronic warfare,
  13. UAV Pilot training
  14. Anti-aircraft and air defense missile training,

Our training programmes for the Air Forces are not limited to the samples and training programmes can be formed on demanded subjects.


Initial Requirements for Courses: 

Candidates must have succesfully completed some major trainings before and gained the skills listed below;

  1. Knowledge of Basic Military Rules and Techniques
  2. 7200 meters run with 20 kg backpack in 52 minutes or less
  3. %60 + achievement on rifle and pistol shootings
  4. 150 Meters FreeStyle Swim in 4 minutes or less 

Candidates showing success during tests of above requirements are accepted into the air operations training programmes.

Training Subjects:

In addition to usage of instruments such as various arms / weapons, boats, electronic simulation systems and first aid simulation systems, Air Operations Training Programme includes; 

  1. Parachute Course
  2. Helicopter / Aircraft Directing Procedures Course
  3. Electronic Warfare

Skills to be gained at the end of the course:

At the en of the course, candidates showing the qualifications of; 

  1. Parachuting
  2. Freefall
  3. High Altidute Jumping
  4. Aircraft and Helicopter Directing
  5. Ability to use electronic instruments to improve electronic warfare skills 

are awarded with “Certificate of Air Operations Expert”

Duration of Course:

Trainings including theoretical trainings, practises and simulations are 6 weeks in total

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  SADAT Pilot TrainingAim of the course, for Islamic and Friendly Countries, is to grow and train military and civilian pilots who are to fly any type of helicopter likely Turkish Pilots who fly all types of  military and commercial helicopters and to execute yearly renewal and control flights  and to teach new aviation developments.

Training Classes Provided

  1. Military Pilot Trainings:
    1. Helicopter Pilot Course
    2. Helicopter Type Rating Course
    3. Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR) Course
    4. Night Flight Training (Flying with Night Vision Goggles) Course
    5. Armed Helicopter Flight and Arms Training Course
    6. Mechanics Basic Course
    7. Type Rating Course for Mechanics
  2. Civilian Pilot Trainings:
    1. PPL (Private Pilot License) course
    2. CPL (Commercial Pilot License) course
    3. Helicopter Instrumental Course
    4. Helicopter Type Rating Course 

Helicopters Types to be Trained

  • Bell-206 JetRanger / LongRanger
  • UH-1 / AB-205
  • S-70 (UH-60) Blackhawk (Sikorsky)
  • AS-532 Cougar
  • Enstrom
  • AH-1 P (Cobra)
  • AH-1 W (Cobra)
  • Other Helicopters (Depends on Requests)


Our Instructors

Trainings are given by our qualified and experienced senior instructor pilots and technical teams who have actively served in Aviation Schools of Air Forces and Army of Turkish Armed Forces as instructors and mechanics. 

SADAT Defense has the capability to organize trainings in air operations and piloting main groups in the training programs it has prepared for the Air Forces Command.

In air operations training programmes, trainings are provided on subjects such as parachute, helicopter operation, electronic warfare and UAV with the personnel who are expert in their fields who have served and retired in the Turkish Armed Forces for long years and who have served as instructor in aviation-related branches.

In pilot training programmes, trainings are provided on subjects such as pilot training, aircraft type rating and jet fighter pilot training for all types of aircraft and helicopters to the aviator personnel of the demanding country, where pilots who have been retired after successfully serving in the Turkish Armed Forces as instructor.

Parachute Training Programme

SADAT Defense provides training in the parachuting branch, which is one of the basic needs of all air forces, with retired Turkish Armed Forces personnel who are expert in their field.

Training Subjects

  1. Basic parachute jump training,
  2. Free parachute jump training,
  3. Equipped parachute jump training,
  4. Night parachute jump training,
  5. High-altitude (oxygen assisted) jump training,
  6. Parachute air movement training

Initial Requirements

In order to attend the course, trainees must have successfully completed some major trainings before and gained the skills are;

  1. Knowledge of basic military rules and techniques,
  2. 7200 meters run with 20 kg rucksack in 52 minutes or less,
  3. 60%+ achievement on rifle and pistol shootings.

The trainees who are successful in the tests and evaluations to be made are accepted to the Parachute Courses.

Abilities to be Gained After the Training

At the end of the course, trainees should be able to;

  1. Perform static line parachute jump,
  2. Recognize and jump all types of free parachutes,
  3. Perform equipped parachute jump,
  4. Know the rules of night parachute jump and perform jump,
  5. Perform high-altitude (oxygen assisted) jump,
  6. Perform air movement in night conditions with parachute and reach the target from long distances as a team personnel

Duration of course

Parachute training is carried out at 2 levels as theoretical, practical and simulation training. Basic parachute training is 2 weeks, advanced parachute training is 4 weeks and consists of a total of 6 weeks.

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