Special Forces Advanced Course


18-week Advanced Special Forces Course is given to the Candidates who have succesfully completed the Special Forces Basic Course and includes: 

  1. Physically Stamina and Mental Toughness Training
  2. Scuba Diving
  3. Long Range Reconnaissance and Intelligence
  4. Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR)
  5. Advanced Demolition Techniques
  6. Sharpshooters Course (Sniper)
  7. Urban Operations
  8. Battlefield tactics and techniques in Urban Area
  9. Air assaults Operations
  10. Submarine Operations
  11. Airborne Operations 

And trainees will; 

  1. have gained mental and physical toughness to conduct special forces operations
  2. know how to effectively use close fighting techniques in engagements
  3. be able to use existing weapons and gears effectively to destroy targets
  4. be able to survive, evade, resist and recover in all demandings of environments and climate conditions and also be able to use gained techniques when needed
  5. be able to conduct waterborne operations and raid on to seacrafts and objectives at coastal establishments
  6. be able to achieve the missions to be given with the skills gained during the course
  7. be able to do more than a frogman by gaining the skills of deep water diving
  8. be able to swim 3-4 hours continiously at least by using a proper closed-circuit diving equipments and sabotage the seacrafts, submarines or other floating subjects by insidious attacks
  9. be able to infiltrate by covering distance in air by High Altitude Jumps and conduct surprise attacks and sabotages
  10. be able to conduct air assaults via helicopters
  11. be able to determine and use all types of explosives to destroy buildings, bridges, sites and etc.

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